Afghanistan: the anti-establishment U.S. focus that turns into stronger establishment

C-fy44rXsAAEVJk.jpg-largeU.S. military strategy in Afghanistan has been the same over the last 16 years. No success has been registered. The famous anti-establishment focus/slogan from President Donald Trump paradoxically results on a confirmation of that strategy. Those American political leaders that once got fierce criticism are now part of some sort of “heritage” of foreign policies and the unrealistic idea that are “helping” Afghanistan. It only means more violence and threat for Western countries.

The recent announcement from Trump confirms the worst: U.S. will continue with the same focus: an extended military presence on Afghanistan.

As there were no justification for the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, there are no reasons to continue in Afghanistan with this sort of “humanitarian action” that represents constant violation of IHL, invasion of Nation´s sovereignty, killing of civilians and an worrying increase of refugees and displaced people –contributing badly to current global migration crisis-.

None of this extremes are taking in account, only a rivalry with Russia and a weird sense of “making America great again” is guiding American President to continue with the same policies, strategy and focus.

 Another never-ending war that needs a strong Diplomacy and self-confidence leadership in which negotiation and Mediation become the guided line of action. Instead of helping on the empowerment of Afghan people and government, working on capacity building and humanitarian aid, the U.S. has been feeding more confrontation and internal division. Their own presence generates rejection and violence against the official structures, hence on civilians.

More of the same has never delivered solutions and will never do.

 1662 civilian deaths between Jan 1 and June 30 of this year marks a 2% increase since last year´s record high. After 16 years U.S. has shown total ineffectiveness to handle with the conflict, in fact it has contributed to more death and devastation. Accept it! Your presence is not welcomed and your “humanitarian” military efforts have results on a gradual increase of civilian killing. Of which U.S. have done nothing at all to stop it.

U.S.: your proven record of not helpful military presence in Afghanistan makes of the last decision of President Donald Trump a strong failure on vision and Diplomacy and marks a new stage in which the rest of the international community must take steps against.



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