UK election: Populists but not popular.

Indominux Rex, LondonRecent UK elections´ results have exposure that Nationalism and Isolationism are becoming unpopular. A populist message within a conservative position is not having a good reception among British people.

Theresa May trusted that Brexit and the “bombing” message of “war on terror” will make people choose conservatives as the panacea of their national conflicts. However, this election has not reflected the same emotions than in Brexit. Is precisely “emotions” that make citizens vote with so different perspectives in a short time period. In this opportunity it was a reflexive vote in which the people analyzed carefully the pros and cons of leaders with a nationalist agenda and their capacity to deliver solution in terms of security. The message from the citizens was certainly different from Brexit: no fear at all. The raise of the Labor party with the consequently loose of the conservative’s majority is the key element in which the voters asked for political balance and debate. Not as Theresa May intends: “It´s always an interesting experience for a politician to be heard in silence. I have to say”.

 In a good exercise of democracy, this election represents not only a more balanced Parliament integration but also the need to form a coalition of thoughts and ideas for an uncertain future within Brexit.

Now, is it clear that even with those results there is no way back on Brexit, however there is –and should be- a way back on negotiations, at least a change of focus. Globalization is installed in our daily life and thinking anti-global would only lead us to incoherence. Recently Boris Johnson called for a “Global Britain” as a way to acknowledge the need to be global and swift to a new strategy.

UK voters have expressed clearly that there are not convinced with current leadership. After processing the shock of being isolated because of the wrong idea that US will be there main ally and a global leader, there are facing a cruel reality. There are entering in anti-European, anti-global process without national safety and a strong lack of vision to change foreign policies in relation to Middle East. (specially after recent new military base) Indeed, there is an urgent need for an in-depth revision of this strategy; continue with the same policies after three attacks in less than three months it doesn’t seems to represent a good vision.

After this defeat of Theresa May, lets welcome this opportunity to see a popular focus and not just a populist-reactionary political attitude.






*Indominux Rex, Jurassic Park, River Thames, London

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