Macron: The race is about to start……

4767857731_dbff123570_oWith this project Pocket of Active Resistance (PAR) system, the Arche de la Défense in Paris has been transformed into a honeycomb of subsidiary spaces by architect Stéphane Malka encrusted with modules that have been attached to the inside of the existing building’s vast interior. A symbol of the colonization of public spaces as a way to promote public participation as an act of resistance: “permanent insurrection”.

That is precisely the spirit of Emmanuel Macron´ campaign and that’s the main reason for his overwhelming average of 66%. Even if Marine Le Pen uses this kind of message she was not able to transmit the idea that with extremisms -closing borders or discrimination- France could be rescued.

Once again the coherence road wins and the isolationist project shows its weakness.

Populists but not popular, that was the lesson learned from Marine Le Pen ambitious goal of install a nationalist project: a clear minority support shows that only with a populist message it doesn’t fulfill the expectations of a population under threat.

With the French revolution, French´s people mark the road for the next centuries in which freedom is the main principle. Anyone could achieve freedom without respecting cultures and races. That is the superb value of this main pillar of French history that with strength and dignity continues to hold. Reassuring themselves in those principles, the French population have not “brought” the message of “Choice France”, “Choice far right wing”, 66% of the votes could be interpreted as: I choose France inserted in a global world and an European project in which liberties, join action and democracy lead our destinies.

A radical different situation from the Brexit´s case, in which there are 48% of the population that are against those results. Indeed, Macron wins on an overwhelming majority that marks with no hesitation French people will to reshape -but not erase- a philosophy of living. There are not scared to resign national sovereignty for a joint action goal of security.

Its good to highlight the fact that 66% of voters also “Choose France”.–“Choisir la France” main slogan of Marine Le Pen-. Because choosing the defense of national values don’t means isolationism or racism. If we see it at a personal level it´d be very easy to live without external contact and say that we are protecting ourselves. However growing on the resilient path comes from create defenses from different perspectives  through openness. Strengthen our principles and be trained physical and mentally is the way to face challenges and uncertainty. At a political level is the same: physically a country under threat needs to control the entrance of foreign and inside the country there is a need to have a close look to groups that instigate to hate and people that use religion as a way to hide other interests. Strengthening by these measures the principles of freedom and multiculturalism.

No Marine Le Pen, you are not defending France´s history you´re trying to impose a nationalist- isolationist project that French population doesn’t want it even if they feel the fear of unsafely. A grown up society that after Bataclan attacks has said: #jesuisensterrasse. A challenging way to say: fear will not overwhelm us and we continue fighting for freedom within a multicultural society.

 Emmanuel Macron is the new President with political standards up to French people´s goals however, instead of joint action and healthy discussion in an emergency state he ´ll face the constant instigation to hate and lack of political will to negotiate and give solutions. Marine Le Pen´s party settles their intention after the election results: “the political fight starts this night”.

For Macron his “Arche de la Défense” represents 66% of votes and a project with democratic values: no discrimination, multiculturalism and safety under global and European standards.

The race is about to start….

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