Donald Trump: a President for ALL Americans?

A democratic elected President is and should be a President for all national citizens. Is not a merit, although under this extravagant situation that US is going trough it becomes a fact to highlight. Mr. Trump promised to be a President for “All Americans”, however racist, xenophobe, anti-global, anti-climate change and anti-European messages seems not to be inclusive enough to welcome “All Americans”.

In a bipartisanship political system there is always one party that resigns power, although in relation to strategies and policies not in principles and values. Just for belonging to a democracy the main pillars of American history should remain untouchable.

A change of political focus doesn´t means a loose of focus.

There are 3.3 millions of Muslims nationalized Americans in addition to native Mexicans and people of diverse nationalities from all over the world. Multiculturalism has not only been a constant for success in America but also a factor for being respected and admired. The own Republican Party has historically furthered this strategy and even if there is a change there ought to keep the balance of “what has been done”. If it´s true that Trump is ideological coherent with his party, is it clear that this fact cannot be avoided. President Ronald Reagan´s Administration is the best model of the strategy that Republicans has followed towards immigrants and illegal immigrants.

In current world of global dimension -and after all this decades- is not possible to switch into an anti-global structure but only reshape the model. If not, there is only destruction with benefit to private interests. Therefore, not anti-establishment but building a new anti-global establishment. “Buy and hire Americans” seems the best way to sum up an anti-global focus.

A real diplomatic and international political relations crises will happen if the idea is to isolate America. Proposals based on bilateral agreements will fail because it could not be based in just personal good relations among leaders. In fact there is not a clear project in case of reshaping international relations towards bilateralism. Mainly because there is not a infrastructure that allows it. The current global interconnection forces to make changes and establish positions in line with this structure. A crisis of a global model is not an excuse to put a far-right agenda above. Solutions will not come from cancel international agreements; destroy global institutions or making alliance only with far-right leaders, but from a reshape of current structure.

Even under the idea that isolationism and bilateral agreements will bring prosperity, surprisingly there is not political will for changing effectively military presence around the World. Which reflects the different views from the same political focus.


There is nothing wrong to be populist what is unacceptable is to assign responsibility to globalisation for national political duties, like unemployment. It´s good to remember that financial global crisis started in America and spread like a turmoil all over the world “destroying European jobs” without taken responsibility. Globalisation was not the real origin of this crisis but corruption and lack of transparency and accountability of the financial American system.

To govern to all Americans also includes Media and guarantee the right for freedom of speech is part of a democratic system. It´s quite common to see conflictive situations in which journalists are not accepted or not been answered to their questions if there are no supportive enough of the leader´s views. A fact with no precedents in American history coming from a democratic elected leader.

Building a new establishment it doesn´t come from a visionary focus and is a very tricky way to avoid current global responsibilities at the service of private interests.

A campaign leader is different from a State leader and the switch from one figure to the other should be done immediately as the only way to real govern to “All Americans” not just voters. A State leader means also to fulfill global duties acquired before and to accept that other leaders (Republicans, Democrats, Europeans, etc.) are there to negotiate in a joint action basis. Conciliation and Negotiation are an essential part of a Democracy and a main task of a leader.

 One of the first steps that need to be taken i recovering faith and trust in the American political system, this goes further than one more election result but a loose of hope that is resulting in fear and hate. That is also the responsibility of the winner: make the Nation safe inside not only from outside. Citizen’s aggression comes from a loose of faith in the system and the best way to assure and “make America safe again” is by transferring your opponents the correct point of balance. For doing that is important no to erase what has been done but to adapt and complement policies at national and global level. This is part of a leadership vision. If not is a dictator with a short-term view of 4 years ahead of biased interests.

Make America great again Mr. Trump, by giving the hope of multiculturalism, solidarity and inclusiveness that current stage of multiples crises demands for U.S. and the rest of the world. Isolating U.S. from a global world is a clumsy political move that only fits in a campaign populist speech never on a smart, long-term strategy with vision and adaptation for the new challenges.

*Gigant table and chair by Giancarlo Neri 




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