Anti-globalists: in the search for isolating minds…. Global Joint action!



Isolationism has become the main argumentation for anti-globalists as a way to boost nationalism. There aggressive claim for exacerbate national values shows their own biased partisan interests. We live in a historical moment in which joint action becomes the best tool for achieving the goal of a counterweight global model. Joint action is the only resilient option; go back to old models of isolationism could only be part of hidden goals. Brexit is the most recent and most clear example that other interests rather than the well being of their nationals are the goal. Mainly financed by hedge funds it tends to reduce barriers and at the same time impose a far right agenda based in xenophobia and racism. The more control the European Union is holding over its members the less will for an even closer union. That could only be a threat for nationalists that opposite the Union from the very beginning and it finds their momentum now when multiple crises hit the world.

Is it true, globalization -as its currently conceived- is not delivering a resilient framework. Global institutions like United Nations are showing total ineffectiveness and a weak leadership. Controlled by a few powerful countries that dominate military and political stage making other country members out of the influential sphere of big decisions. With a clear isolationist agenda Russia or now USA with Donald Trump are searching for keeping a status quo that is clearly unsustainable. Netanyahu-supported by D. Trump- have said that a peace deal is “impossible “which represents not a common global will for peace but just an individual ambition not appropriate for a State leader.

In the case of USA feeding Israel with ambitious goals of “erasing” Palestine by giving a surprisingly strong budget- US$38b defence assistance deal- that after 20 years of failing peace process it doesn´t make political sense.

An urgent reshape of a political axis of influence need to be implemented. COP21 and recent Paris conference exposure that need and confirms that is possible, effective and there is a general political will for a global joint action.

An elaborated tendency to make individuals being isolated by a revolutionary boost on technology that furthers this kind of behavior its also part of their strategy. If individuals are not gathering around common goals there are not influential and their decisions don’t count. Is for this reason that technology need to be used for creating minds around common global values for building a resilient framework. Current crises are global and of common interest.

So, anti-global, nationalism, isolationism is been sold as the solution for becoming resilient. However, this proposals are not effective in terms of solutions for crises there are only effective for there own goals of creating fear, feeding hate and go back to a model of isolationism that makes them compete better and stronger in military terms. As well as keeping a status quo in which the axis of power continues focused in Russia and USA. Donald Trump ‘declarations assuring that climate change were created by the Chinese –however in a very clumsy and inaccurate way- exposure this idea.

Nationalists: cold war its over! We cannot and we should not go back to a model of 2 Super powerful States axis. Fortunately globalization has made the world move forward to a global strategy that demands also global leadership. Is it clear that leaders like Netanyahu see on this new world a threat for keeping a status quo in which there are getting direct benefits. However it doesn´t not represent the interests of their own citizenship or even of their main ally: USA. More that in one occasion American people declares their opposition to support Israel or any kind of foreign aid. Trump´s supporters are mainly on this line of thought. A fact, that once more indicates in-depth contradictions from a leader with an old political code behavior. Most of the world is in favor of recognising Palestine as a State as this is the only aspect that should count not the ambitious move of rusty leaders with short-minded vision. There is no place for more military action or investment in this area and is precisely this kind of political attitude that is making global institutions like United Nations absolutely and literally useless.

To be individuals with autonomy for thinking and acting is paramount to get out of a box that is being imposed externally by a political-financial elite that is struggling to keep a status quo of power that they know/feel are loosing.

To become truly resilient at individual level a joint action is needed and global institutions the best representatives of those interests.

The best tool for fighting anti-globalist is an intensive work in social networks in which Education feed values around solidarity and Union and above all global leaders with a determinate political will for global joint action.


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