Creative leadership: perceiving the flow…

Arch2o-Perceiving-the-Flow-Gil-Bruvel-291-e1371166166432This is all about creative leadership: “perceiving the flow” of this wind of changes that current challenging world demands. Breaking the traditional codes and start new ones. Get rid of old codes and habits, overcoming the emotional bias of fear that this uncertain new world brings. That is so, that creativity, innovation and new energy should print this new chapter in history in which a strong and renewed leadership requires also different educational codes.

A world threaten by crises bring uncertainty, boost creativity bring the safety net of “the possible” and tangible outputs that could lead the world to different and better ways of living. A process that would only be achieved if there is a break of traditional mental bias and a strong leadership. Key factors to overcome this challenges and accept the uncertainty as the “new normal”.

Is a must to educate around codes of uncertainty, maximize potentialities and gives different roles according to their talents. The balance distribution of individual potentialities is one of the best ways to re-order this unexpected global model. From current anarchic system of creative ideas from individuals around the world there will be a stage in which there will be a systemic accumulation that build the framework for an on going process of new revolutionary ideas in each area of work. Is in this sense that political leadership plays a paramount role in this transitional process that promise to be one of the greatest challenges of history with the best equipment than ever. The own interconnection of current global world will determinate also the interconnection of new ideas that will contribute for a world entirely based and educated in innovation under new codes of leadership.

Uncertainty is the guideline that will mark the rhythm of the new era in which creativity plays a paramount role as a solid mechanism that will print certainty to a storm of changes. When the pillars of the society are moving so strongly to the point that changes habits, shapes and professional traditions, creation and imagination become the way out. Not just as a place reserved for talented minds as “artists of a brighter future” but as a general attitude towards innovation that should perform at education level, maximising the potential of each individual. As individual initiative will have a relevant role, the emotional aspects that prevent people to innovate are very important and need to be taken in consideration as a burden to progress. The own fear for the “new” makes people not aware of the real urgency to face challenges with strength and determination for the future.

Therefore, we pose the big question: leaders born creative or learn to be creative? It would be unfair to think that just creative minds could find the way, but a world prepare to involve all kind of people and boost their talents, giving the tools to educate them and being part of a global project. If competiveness has been the line of action, nowadays the complementarity and the smart distribution of resources are the one that will bring the necessary alternatives to tackle those changes; in which leadership is the axis to keep the balance and joint innovative ideas from groups and individuals.

For an effective innovative process, leaders need to feel this flow of uncertainty not as a struggle “against of” but as an opportunity to “rise” within a new era of challenges. The more flexible leaders are, the easier could let their creativity come up and find a place that is demanding new codes of behaviour and thinking.

The exercise of creativity means to reinvent leaders in terms of codes of behaviour and approaches. In a world of 4th industrial revolution with an expectation of around 5.1 million people off the labor market, a change of mentality is one of the big challenges that are awaiting us.

To face this challenges effectively, individuals and collectivities need to work towards adaptation by an ongoing learning process for a world in a constant change.

The uncertainty of these new standards of living demands a clear attitude in which there is no safe rules or pre-established roadmap of safety, just an intuitive process of “perceiving the flow”. Let the inner of our minds and souls accompanied by a learning process emerges with innovation, boosting new alternatives able to face current challenges with resilience.


*Sculpture: “The wind”, Gil Bruvel

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