4th Industrial Revolution: a change of values or rules of the game?

Kyuin ShumThe overwhelmed advance of technology is making day-to- day life revolutionary if we compare with twenty years ago. Does it means a change of habits or a change of values that is taking us to fuzzy destiny? Values are so subjective that the debate in itself could be seeing as just an exercise of philosophy without a real solidity on its focus.
Just to have better technology means change fundamental values that represent the pillar of our personalities and societies? Therefore do we need to become more conservative to preserve those values?
I strongly reject the paradox of going back on history to search for answers that bring us the “escape” from this modernity. If we need to enter in this defensive attitude means that technology is not at the service of humanity but that we are serving and adapting to them even if represents a negative transformation on values.
It is proven that active users of Internet develop narcissist behaviour, or that the constant surveillance goes against universal legislation on the intimacy of individuals. The fact that someone reject to use mobile phone or a computer may be considered a person with psychotic behaviour….. but this is not why technology has been developed, or at least not the result that we expected. The idea is not to cutting individual freedoms but to maximise it. Not to be tied to technology but to benefit for its advance in health, communication and general well being of the population. If technology means a negative change that means less freedom, is not useful and we´re entering in the wrong path that will lead to a “technology slavery”.
Artificial intelligence is just an accessory of our lives not a substitute of our natural and supreme intelligence.
It´s at the service of the citizens but definitely not against them. Let´s see the most common day-to-day example in a public institution: “Sorry we cannot process your request now, the system is down”. With more and revolutionary technology we could not allow a “system that is down”. The system is more active than ever and we must move forward towards a path of self-sufficient system. To enter in a 4th Industrial revolution means a revolutionary era that makes us move forward in a comfortable and wise path to the future and could not suppose enter in a slavery era in which we need to look at machines as our leading authorities. Is it true, to get adapted to this new “technological rhythms” we must change our routine values but not our inner values further more we need to insert technology as a tool that helps as a driver of change in a healthy and harmonic manner.
The idea of a technological dictatorship is not a good perspective and will not lead to better standards in Education and Innovation, but to a sort of even world with lost values on identity.
Diversity should be the big value that lead those changes and mark the real need -not just the acceptance- for a 4th Industrial revolution.

A world with more crises demands more technology accessible to everyone all over the world. A world with more communication means a world more demanded that involves all communities despite their levels of development. Is in this context that poverty is not an option and access to technology should become easier for everyone. A more inclusive world demands more inclusive technology.

Creativity and its development is a treasure to preserve not a burden to use against humanity. Indeed if technological advances are using to restrict individual freedoms and exclude entire populations it will become and absurd stage in which plain thoughts and repetition will dominated more than personal skills. A real revolution should has as a main goal the creation and transformation of personal lives and communities in better and enriched patterns of behaviour.
I am a strongly believer that a technological revolution in labour market, socialisation, general communications, etc, does not mean a change of values but just a change of the rules of the game. If we really consider the possibility that an advanced technology would lead to a real change of values means that technology “caught us” in a vulnerable position, that we could not trust any longer. Is it not an accessory that helps for a better well being, but a burden that negatively conditionate our life. Walk into an advanced technology implies be served by an artificial intelligence that complement our lives in a better and easier way, the contrary means a substitute of the supremacy of a natural intelligence. Accepting this rule of the game means entering in a dark road with no way out.

Let´s be smart, let´s be creative towards a world ruled by natural intelligence but assisted by artificial intelligence and guided by common sense.

*Sculpture: Kyuin Shim

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