Which is the real influence that an individual has in a global world? In a democratic model of society it is supposed to hold plenty of influence on political decisions. However, at a global level is when we find gaps mainly in terms of accountability.

Is it clear that globalization´s processes have achieved many results on free movement of goods/services and persons as well a considerable reduction on poverty indexes. However, it has not worked towards the creation of supranational organisms through which individuals could influence and control there actions. From the beginning, globalization has established there own rules and currently it runs by there own, without any control or intervention by the actors on the process, except for the ones who belongs to the economic power. Their negative impacts cannot be prevented or punished. Is in that sense that were are witnessing globalization as a big Leviathan that does not give individuals a place of influence, therefore it moves by tacit concessions to a supranational economic power that spread their impact all over the world in terms of benefits although swept away any mechanism of control. -as shown with the recent global financial crisis-.

In any integration process is of common understanding that a tacit concession is implicit and allows changes on habits and general way of life without compromise individual freedom. However, this concession do not supposes the ubiquity of a power over others as the current role that plays financial power over public interest power, having as a result an anti-democratic mechanism that works without the correct balance, including the power of individuals as decision makers.

A system that it’s created to be at the service of nations and individuals, instead, they drag them into their own goals without any kind of accountability.

After the global financial crisis the globalization system has shown their incapacity to heal their in-depth failures and reduce the domino effect. Furthermore, there are not international institutions or/and mechanisms that prevent financial power to perform over the traditional institutions that sustain the sovereignty of a Nation.

A reshape of the current model of globalization is urgently needed by narrowing the gap between individuals and economic/financial and public & political power, through empowering the role of the State as a controller and representative of individuals freewill. This is the best way to defend individualism.


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