A new framework for a Sustainable Development mechanism on South-South Cooperation (Introini – Ahmed)


The impressive growth of south-south and triangular cooperation and also the struggle of climate change international summits at negotiation and institutional level, establishes a clear need to create an international structure that performs beyond the rigidity of north-south cooperation. Initiatives of Iberoamerica and Asia have shown that SSC may succeed out of the framework of the current international structure assuring their permanence and stability. The summit: High Level Forum in Aid Effectiveness (HLF4) in Busan( 2011) has agreed that the prevailing development model has not achieved equitable growth and broad-based social progress. That is also another reason that led us to conclude of the urgent need of a democratization of the current development models as the “touchstone” that “opens the gate” for new modalities of development where aid effectiveness is not linked to political conditionality. There is a consensus among traditional donors and new development partners alike are that of country ownership, recognizing that development priorities and programs need to be driven by the recipients themselves.

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