Mar Introini

Bio: Global Chair ALL LADIES LEAGUE Global NETWORKING, Goodwill Ambassador Women Economic Forum, Lawyer, Facilitator, Political Analyst, Expert on Development Cooperation,Expert on Humanitarian Aid, Expert on Migrations, Asylum and Refugees, Postgraduate course on Mediation, High Studies on Public Administration Management, Specialization course on Investments for the New Economies, Magister in Marketing and Sales Management. World Bank courses on: Policies for Growth, Parliaments and Climate change, Kyoto Protocol, Exploring Topics in Development, Evaluating the impact of Recession and government responses, Frontiers in Development policy, Economics on Climate-Resilient Development, Engaging Citizens: A Game Changer for Development,Trainer on Sphere Project. The Age of Sustainability (Univ. Columbia), European culture and politics (Univ. Groningen.),Understanding Europe: Why it matters and what if can offer you.(HEC Paris), Global Diplomacy (SOAS) Moral Foundations of Politics (Yale Univ.) International Affairs: Globalisation(The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva)

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