2022: Unfolding our souls to transformation….

Times of crisis… time for emotions. A world that goes through humanitarian crises, pandemics, and lack of trust in the system needs to change accordingly and faster than before, although concerning traditions, culture, religions they should remain more loyal than ever. Global does not mean “only one´ but many that join within diversity. A key aspect to change the system radically its to be radical in our respect to diversity. Integration without confusion, joint action without losing identity, democratic principles not anarchy. Complicity with a global project its about a friendly approach towards respect to the main pillars for a resident society: religion, culture and traditions.

2021 marked a new beginning and a different implementation of the own meaning of globalisation. Lessons learned force us to be opened to the new, stronger and better than before. Certainly, the level of assimilation of changes and the need to learn new tools becomes key to success and become resilient to this and future pandemics.
The beautiful sculpture “Force of Nature” from artist Lorenzo Quinn becomes a great symbol within the two versions of citizens and planet. That is precisely the image of the development of humanity over the last year. Getting rid of the old and welcoming a different reality, less protected but more resilient, less covered but more transparent, less traditional but opened to new way outs that gives us the clue to move forward.

Is predicted that 2022 will be time to adapt rather than settle, for structure flexibilization rather than radical change, to build resilience before innovating. The prelude for a system change is about changing the mindset by maximising the potential of our emotions. A good management of the sense of not moving forward delivers steady and silent lessons on resistance before any solid action.
The pandemics make us feel stuck, but is this feeling that would help us on the way to make sustainable changes at the system level without resistance. Is it all good and will impact positively a world that is claiming for a new roadmap on growth. The only negative part that I perceived is to make of these changes part of a commercial strategy instead of being one more “piece of the puzzle” within a social purpose beyond strictly private interests. For instance, “vaccination” or “not vaccination”, lockdown or not lockdown, the debate may be focused on the way we address individual freedom or not. Is the political focus to tackle pandemics that marks the difference and not the endless political partisan game for whom the private sector may get direct profits.
Is precisely this reason that led me to choose a new photo from Force of Nature sculpture, from covered to naked, a planet that looks much more alike to a cage, and a sunrise instead of a sunset. Unfolding our soul means removing all traces of bias, prejudices and old patterns of individual and institutional behaviour.

Learning times that change mindsets and make a transformation into an investment in ourselves and the rest of society as a whole.
Even if its look like a “cage” the planet is also more transparent in the sense that we may see strengths and weakness from all countries and learn from each other. COVID becomes an opportunity not only to learn but to explore how /what to improve. From public to private, from individuals to institutions, that is why the “naked” sculpture resonates with my idea of a transformative 2022 as a prelude towards a radical change.
The same challenges but addressed differently after the shock, the lessons learned applying to new scenarios, consequently a new mindset that welcome an innovative shape where digital platforms are only a tool that open our eyes to a new world where personal creativity is boost by exploring different shapes of partnerships.
By the pandemics we become exposed on our weakness but also on our capacity to deliver new colours to our lives, and that is why we need to take it as an opportunity and not a threat. Unfolding failures, but also discovering new skills, and resources leading by the civil society on a coordinated action with the public and private sector.
The digital platforms become the tool to be developed beyond technological aspects, the individual mindset the resource to work on towards more creativity, the private sector the ally to boost new habits, and public institutions the framework to facilitate a process of transition that will lead us into a real transformation.

2022 is the exceptional year that before getting started has written their mission:
Unfolding our souls…. welcoming a new leadership

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