PODCAST Smart cities: recycling mindsets

Last month I hold the privilege to be part of the International Conference  Future Smart Cities 4th Edition IEREK in collaboration with Xiamen University Malaysia from 3-5th December 2021.

Is not only a relevant topic part of the Agenda 2030, but an emergency: by 2050 is predicted that 68% of the population will live in cities. A very important factor that may undermine SDG11 if we do not introduce at the same time, smarter technology to boost green reforms to the current unsustainable urban way of living. The goal in itself on sustainability is of equal importance as the tools used, smart technologies are becoming a true driver to change and a great accelerator towards a green society.

Even if zero carbon, zero waste and car free are considered the main drivers, there are only one part of all  that within smart technology become revolutionary green pieces from a puzzle on sustainability that demand a new structure.The Sustainable Development Goals as a whole are pushing us to make reforms, based on a strategy centred on individuals rathe than institutions. That the SDGs are global, does not mean that the implementation is so. Is an extraordinary local effort for whom the political leadership -main actor within the SDGs stage- become a true negotiator rather than the only responsible. Changing mindsets supposes assign a new role where the citizens are the actors, not only recipients

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