PODCAST: For a Global Education we need to respect national values

On this podcast we search to address those aspects of the SDGs that needs to be taken into account to achieve the goals without contradiction and aligned with a truly philosophy around globalisation. That means that integration of cultures needs to go first than the goals. Only through the capacity to respect local traditions, cultures and traditions we will enter into a balanced distribution of power. 

There are important challenges mainly related to the political agenda that is in all the Education systems at the time to make reforms. Is it so that the political aspects of the process needs to be established accordingly with each national reality rather than with a only one global model that may, in the end, become unfair seeing it under the light of the different countries development.

We also need to explore which indicators are the best to fairly measure quality, overcoming the gap on technology and accessibility to technology – rather than on Education-. 

Having as a result that global quality measures are not always the best way to identify Educational gaps, but from a national perspective that allow a diversity of colourful differences, that demands open-minded people and innovative systems enough wide to enter resilient into 

A global Education is all about all IN within the magic of traditions, wisdom of religions and diversity of cultures, only then we will be able to truly enter into a path of sustainability on quality and accessibility.  

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