PODCAST: Global Education without standarisation (Introduction)

Global Goals are not about standarization, but an invitation for more integration of cultures, traditions, and religions, instead -main reason to reject the Agenda 2030- it looks as if there is no distinction and Education has to be followed by global standards. Lets be accurate, SDG4 Education its about a commitment for each Nation to build their own system, particularly in relation to accessibility that is translated into simply allocating budget. Is not what is happening and Education is not a priority on the political Agenda in many countries. The fact that is an axis for the rest of the goals makes of it a Goal Number 1 to put it before the others. Without Education, there is not access to basic needs like Health, or even more to the awareness to build sustainable societies and the achievement of the whole goals.For instance, Sustainable cities demand not just financial support to architecture, urban planning, energy saving, etc. they do need Education to make of their citizens active players of a game on resilience.

Is it important to create the correct local framework within international support to assure access to the system without global standards, although within global connections and mutual support.

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