PODCAST: Sustainable cities: password green

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3ZKvw72aDfRm4RZW87bfvQ?si=HPL6bS4HQQWnkAhfqHrdVw #NowPlaying

I believe that leadership is the key aspect of failure on a successful achievement of the SDG´s. In general, urban planning, sustainable architecture, water management, green energy, eco transport, etc. are all associated with work from Governments. Meanwhile, consumption habits: food, fashion recycling, cycling, save energy, or water at home are better related to citizen´s responsibility.

COVID19 shows the possibility of a new path of joint action and balanced relations because the powerful work from Governments and goodwill from citizens is not working. A multidimensional SDG´s approach demands sharing leadership, a process that is truly sustainable and marks the difference. Once we achieve balance in leadership is it also important to get balance in practices. A sustainable city demands a complex combination of green elements

That is one of the pillars to move forward into a green landscape of mutual influence: joint action on leadership: citizens-Governments, making of Global Goals a holistically focus that enables an environment of opportunities to innovate and create new codes that allow different partnerships and political attitudes. Addressing crises from bottom-up and top-down initiatives on equal power and level of influencing.

Because to get into a green city the password is YOU!

*SDG´s: a multidimensional approach after COVID19, Mar Introini


* Resilient cities system: password green


*Madrid forest


*Barajas airport


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