An open letter to my connections on social media

Dear virtual friends,

I hope you are doing well…busy, active and amused with your networks. I am writing to you because I need YOU to know what I feel when I look for your connection and generous friendship.

Like the photo I take a deep breathe and enjoy the virtual world as from an airplane, that is the way I am seeing the world now: cloudy but shiny, from above but without losing vision of the ground, ready to land but enjoying the journey, focused on an open sky but also open to any turbulence.

Recently I have received a message from a Facebook friend introducing himself and invite to explore possibilities to “help each other” as he believes in “organic relationships on the Internet”. Another connection on LinkedIn, shortly after accepting my invitation asked me “how can I help you?” It seems that my invitation to connect was translated, automatically into an invitation to search for “reasons” to be connected. Nothing is further from reality… I believe in virtual relationships and it should be that: virtual and open without constrains and prejudices that presence relationships hold. It is precisely the capacity of relating with others within freedom, without commitment and under flexible rules that I enthusiastically invite people to connect.

Looking for that word, photo, gesture or quote that makes me reflect, learn, analyze, getting emotional or even laugh!

More than ever I am learning…every day, almost without efforts from my side, only the will to grow and exchange.  Is it so, that pressure, expectations and frustrations coming from “presence relations” are becoming part of my intimacy and not of a wider spectrum of relations.

Social networks have given me the possibility to a no-limit exchange and I do not want to resign to it but to reinforce the feeling that so many satisfactions have given me.

The meaning of “help each other” in a virtual world is for me to wake up in the morning and see a message of encouragement, a quote that remains me the meaning of gratitude, a story that makes me cry, a letter that is emotionally shaken,  a post that boost strength, the passion of a photo from a courageous soul, or the wisdom of a generous leader.

I have built my network through the last couple of years and I have never stopped feeling amazed, surprised and sometimes shocked for the immense capacity to join with others unknown souls in a common ground of understanding…or not, but certainly a ground of wisdom and an opportunity to open my mind even more.

They help just by “being there” within a solid presence and invaluable vibes. Being thereby being connected from the simplest aspects to the more complex, from the more terrifying issues to the most beautiful and fulfillment ones. 

As a Political Analyst I addressed hard issues on war, emergencies, hate, violence, etc. in which I face day to day the frustration of a not results-driven strategies and even worse, the lack of political will to tackle the most devastating scenarios. From climate change emergencies to poverty, war, sorrow and now that threaten hate that delivers a trend on isolationism and selfishness attitude towards crises.

My work as Global Goodwill Ambassador for the Women Economic Forum has helping me to do my work better by the connection with other people that believe that joint action, passion for solidarity and unity are the drivers to be, feel and thrive. The boost of energy that I hold each day with my intense activity makes me address the rest of my Political Analysis work from a different perspective, within the drama but also not from a hopeless attitude.

So, dear virtual friend, you help me not because of a mathematical contribution but from the flow of a steady relationship of absorbing and “tasting” your experiences and goals.

Thanks for being there, YOU generous people that share your intimacy to me, YOU that are going through a terrible personal situation and do not mind to send encouraging messages despite everything. YOU that openly accept my invitation to connect without knowing me, without expecting anything more than exchange within an open heart and mind. YOU INSPIRE ME. TRUST that together will deliver a new scenario stronger and better.

Thanks, Mr/Mrs connection because for the first time on centuries your soul is much more important than your name, country or professional activity, what you transmit counts more than what you deliver.

Looking forward to learning, exchanging, connecting and helping each other just by being connected.

Warms regards,

Mar. Introini

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