The mystery of building resilient relationships beyond social networks

As this collage photo, relationships are a true piece of art to be rearranged accordingly to the revolutionary changes that the world is going through. All the elements must work together on perfect harmony: the “shoe” representing the power of business and governments, the “fish” our nature that is at risk, the “clock” the time that plays against us, the “ladder” that invites us to climb and reach new levels of sustainability, the “lighthouse” alert to any sign of danger, a sort of kind of panoptic that shine its light to remain us that the shore is approaching and we need to be cautious and skillful. The “coffee” and “pretzel” to calm down, sit, reflect, talk, searching for personal introspection within self-critical institutions and leaders. The success of a collage relies on the capacity to combine harmonically each of its elements and creates a better outcome.

With the eruption of technology, we are witnessing the change of relationships. Changes are not negative, neither positive, just that changes that marks a new era and demands a new shape of relationships with their challenges. Building new concepts of friendship or labor, and let arise different feelings and reactions from traditional relations.

Expectations, emotions, attitudes or even hugs become virtual but not less intense. Expectations are translated into an email, a post that expresses how she/he feels or just a message “weaving” to us. Emotions are translated into a “Like”, “an “emoticon” or a euphoria email expressing concerns or fulfillment. Leaving the idea that what is not written it does not exist.

Just a day without posting may be considered that is because a depression, of being too busy or just the need to be alone, keeping distances with the society, that we need the silence in a day “without Internet”, taking a deep breathe and forgetting what is happening miles away from home, even if it is just for a couple of hours…

As a difference from other times of “no Internet” we need social networks addictively to be updated of the last events even the more irrelevant or simples, at any hour of the day. Is that wrong?

Like any addiction, it may become toxic and dangerous but the correct balance seems to make the difference and the perfect ingredient for a global, fulfilling life of connections. However, the dark side comes when the people start performing not relating freely to each other, faking not exchanging, looking as who they want it to be, instead of showing who they are, making of each simple event a ceremony without content Is it true, sometimes, simplicity works as a good escape for facing challenges, but cannot be used as the rule.

To move towards a healthy scenario of connections and productive relations our behavior must be humble within an elegant simplicity, it does not mean no- elaborated-thoughts but the sophistication of making the joy of the simple.

The constant bombing of irrelevant facts of daily habits supposes an attack to creative and many times block attempts to make people reflect about the need to change their habits towards a better world, but to contribute to their own stagnated behavior.

We are living a transitional process and the foreign element of technology is not fully adapted in the most productive way for boosting a new line of thoughts among the people and not just a new wave as another adopted fashion.

Change is already here, within us, within politics and business, so now, this relentless path needs a direction not just moving forward without rules and ethics. Guiding the people to be connected is not enough to build resilient relations, for a world based on technology we need clear rules and inspirational networks that act as a way to be better and creative. No doubts that the capacity to influence is enormous, so we need to be even more careful of the exchange we have done among users, not to restrict their freedom but to inspire them to be creative, to think differently and make of personal initiatives another driver for innovative solutions.

Let s make a “collage” from social networks and not just a fuzzy picture of all the stagnated expressions of each individual or institutional needs. For getting into resilience we need a final inspirational outcome full of colors that reflect creativity, innovation, change and above all, a new picture that unites all that special talents and solutions within the will and action to re-create a sustainable planet. Let ´s go for it!

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