When ideologies become an “out of the box” issue for democracy…

Paradoxically and despite advances in technology and interconnections we are repeatedly going up and down the stairs of a weak system without getting into results, delivering a confusing image of what democracy represents and is meant to be.

Sustainability is about seeing beyond political traditions, a key factor to explore and analysis for building resilience in a world of global dimension that is claiming for changes. Seeing ideologies as a kaleidoscope and not stagnated traditions that simply do not deliver.

Is it true, before globalization, national sovereignties, sense of nationalism and a steady defense of national interests was the only driver for thriving in a world of bilateralism, charismatic leaders and military power. However, this “geopolitical logic” has changed dramatically and we conclude that for getting into a balanced global world, leaders, relationships and the own concept of sovereignty must change accordingly –even with the same structure-. Indeed, national sovereignties emerge under the idea of: “one with the rest” not as in the past: “one with us”. The latest was traditionally US position and after Bretton Woods was perceived as a reliable superpower Nation in which all world crises can be settled. However, and after a biased and ineffective action it has failed on delivering a trustful image of the “big partner”. In addition, it has not only fed hate and rejection at an international level but also at national level among their own citizens.

The concept of a new and modern national sovereignty and international cooperation find their way with military cooperation, not military intervention, with merging and reforming global institutions, not withdrawing from them, with determined leadership, not an authoritarian one, with conciliatory positions, not extremism, with a focused agenda, not a stubborn agenda out of reality….

The utopian ideal of a superpower must be accompanied by a conciliatory position in which they build peace in coordination with global institutions. That is precisely about being a “superpower”; exercising a counterbalanced position that allows a global multicultural structure. Nevertheless, the roots for building a planet within global links are already made and surprisingly working, social media is our best example and model to follow suit on its principles and tolerance, not exactly on its practical aspects about fake news, racism or just unethical comments.

The merge of cultures in a correct balance is very much like a social media mechanisms and also represents moving beyond ideologies with an open mind without losing our principles. There is no contradiction to merge cultures within a global structure; the idea of supranational sovereignties is not a loss of identity but building resilience within our own capacities and resources. Do you think that social media represents a loss of identity? Do you feel that wearing, drinking or eating the same in Alaska, Tokyo or Paris is a loss of your cultural print? If your answer is yes, maybe you are not prepared for living outside the box of national traditions, but if it is no, it means that you understand that multicultural codes are not necessarily about supranational sovereignties but a national sovereignty expanded to the point that works as a counterbalance.

Connections, smart use of technology and the framework of sustainable development goals are a turning point that has waken up us to a global reality and the need to see ideologies as a source of inspiration, not a tool for confrontation and separation in those goals that are demanding urgent action.

Politics as currently conceived are based on different ideologies diffused by a biased Media and super powerful campaigns with no accountable leaders that send a message on confrontation rather than on conciliation and a marked style of saying “no” to negotiation as a way to gain votes from a hungry audience that needs violence –in all its shapes- to build resilience for electoral purposes.

That is why moving beyond ideologies become key to counterbalance a bad and poor performance from political leaders that have -literally-broken with the normal democratic relationship: citizens- politicians- institutions and turned into politicians- private interests.

The reinforcement of national sovereignty comes from healthy and balanced relationships, different from Bretton Woods times but with the same sense of solidarity and union, although within a strategically focus on joint action, partnerships and sustainability

Going up and down the stairs of a profitable democracy means a clear and clean path to the top, in which ideologies are part of political diversity and not the obstacles for a focused view of a sustainable future.

Beyond ideologies…negotiation, dialogue and adaptation to new realities and challenges, Being resilient means an “out of the box” mind and strategy.

Let ´s go up the stairs!

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