It´s time for holistic approaches…. the sunset of prejudice and fear

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“Holistic” is a magic word but sometimes a vague word that need a renewed meaning. The certainty that delivers expertise is always confused with “sustainability” in personal and professional terms. Instead, we associate integrated approaches as a lack of capacity to search for solutions out from  traditional rules and structures.

Its not a “yes” neither a “no” and it seems unacceptable for those unable to change their own environment or just change from within and accept others. Is not about not having responses but to mover further and enter into the unknown channel of “out of the box” relations and processes. Prejudice and fear is the axis that prevents holistic approaches and those that feel that negativity are paradoxically right: we are not able to know what really means a world running holistically and robust leaders within a flexible and open mind out of ideological focuses.Fortunately, joint action allows institutions and citizens to be intimately connected and adopt shapes not from competition but from complementarity in which all pieces of the puzzle are needed for a final successful outcome. It represents a truly “new normal” of working that changes current useless formalities and, in the end, the culture in itself.

Indeed, changing working codes means changing working minds and search for individuals or/and groups that are inspired, creative and boost a new wave of relations by applying a new shape of connections.

We need to “use” the same organizations and human resources differently and measuring results differently as well, or even further, changing the goals. Is not logical to invest in lobby hubs (Geneva, Brussels, etc.) if we are not able to make a revolutionary difference. Is precisely one of the main reasons that political isolationist positions are succeeding, because of the easy argumentation that they can hold against organizations/leaders that despite the extraordinary amount of budget and resources, they are not having an effective impact. Feeding prejudice against structures as e.g. United Nations, European Commission and fear against crises (e.g. migration, Muslim population) it’s a “bomb” that must be blocked by effectiveness that would comes from radical changes. If you cannot change the organization, change the people, if you cannot change the people, change  organizational rules or innovate by a new distribution of resources. Current digital era let us work from a global perspective without the need to be centralized in cities that get too much used to work through traditional codes and make of an old working framework a rigid status quo. After more than two decades it has become ineffective and not updated , by the contrary, in the some period of time, crises have evolved in a different direction that demands innovative responses. Not acting and ignoring this lack of correlation means literally give up to global crises, nationalisms and individualism –from a negative perspective of indifference not from a healthy creative isolationism-

No names, no categories, just solutions… results-driven strategies.

Blowing up our minds and then blow up the system, although within the same framework, but brand new relations.

Innovate by accepting that the darkness of night has come from traditions and useless working codes. Enjoying the light of the sunsets that even briefly caresses us with its enlightened soft colors, just before we enter again into the same night of rusty traditions and unwilling habits.

Lets ourselves be seduced by the colors of a new sunset before we enter into the darkness of another night of prejudice, fear and the comfort of doing/working/interact in the same way as usual.

Lets go for it……

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