Spain elections results 2019: political fragmentation? just one path ….

Indeed, after past Sunday it has been exposure, not just for the result in itself but for the political attitude of their leaders.  The vast, although uneasy, victory of Pedro Sánchez, -that confirms him as President after taken power as a consequence to censorship motion to the previous President Mariano Rajoy – has not been able to calm the people down. He has been accused of getting to power by citizenship´s vote. However, with this election, that in addition had a vast participation: 75.5 %, has exposure citizenship will in terms of priorities in the  agenda. Not because of this certainty it has been achieved more consensus, all the contrary, we are being witness of the “entrenchment” of the different political groups, lost within their own interests and -why not- their lack of leadership and initiative to make a change from conciliation and not from their stagnated compartments framed by a dull and repetitive message.  Is it so that the priorities are leading by politics and not by the citizens that have stated very clearly and according to CIS (Center of Sociological Investigations Spain): Catalonia crisis only represents an 11% of the population, although, paradoxically has dominted the entire political campaign. On the top goes unemployment with a 61.8% of the surveyed that considers the most pressing issue of current times. Definitely Catalonia is not the most important crisis for Spanish citizens, but unemployment. Follows by corruption and fraud with a 33%. Finally and as deduce for pure logics, people are most worry about politicians, politics and parties on a 29.1%.

This lack of coordination among citizen’s will and leaders messages makes the campaign an anachronism stage. This disparity of what the citizens want and what leaders defend gives way to poor, sensationalist and ideologically contradictory debates. In some cases, as PSOE they are beneficial in the sense that become less “socialist” with much more sense of State duty –and I´ll rather say of emergency- Is it so that turns ( in action and message) to be centrist as a way to address real issues and deliver solutions. Something perceived by the citizens on a positive way, but also has left them “alone” with a tremendous responsibility and a without a majority that allows them to rule the country.

Moreover, the self-proclaimed “leader of the opposition” Ciudadanos, although on a 3d position and without any coalition agreement till now, has also changed their original ideology, at least from the one they define themselves: centrists to “Spanish Constitutionalists”. An act of coherence if we see it under the light of their proposals and messages:

-Spanish Constitution as a compulsory school subject,

-Not acknowledgment of VOX as a far-right group –which is pacifically acknowledge across Europe- to the point to hold a coalition government  in Andalusia,

– Deny making any agreements that do not suppose the erase of the Catalan movement and their reform proposals.

-Constitution as an immutable document and not the defense of the State of Law

-A truly war on the use of yellow ribbons as a democratic symbol of Catalonia reformists to the point to remove them from public spaces,

– Application of art. 155, intervention in Catalonia as the only solution.

-Furthermore, the express consent and promotion of political prisoners and exiled.

All of the above, laid down a nationalist philosophy, no centrist that confirms that the ideological evolution of Ciudadanos, from social-democrat to liberal that has as a main root the agreement with Libertas in 2009 and the agenda of the Irish tycoon Declan Ganley with a clear anti-European agenda and against the own project of Europe as a Union but just a group of sovereign States.  Which explains much of their “new” proposals. Not always the origins of a party determinate their future, but in this case, and at least it raise important suspicious.

 Centrism supposes conciliation and negotiation as a basic principle and not entrenchment and immobility. That, curiously get them away from the own Popular Party that –even on their worst electoral result, it stills holds a 2d position.

Very different is the situation of the Popular Party and the reasons that push them to this electoral results, indeed, hit and beaten by corruption, it has entered into a renovation process but it doesn’t achieve a message of confidence and of genuine renovation on their proposals. Insisting on their campaign slogan “safe value” it has dumped into their traditional voters, forgetting that the Spanish society is demanding  -and vote- for changes, not for the preservation of an status quo that doesn’t work anymore, and that do not like it. Is for this reason that a message closer to PSOE centrism would have been ideal to compete with them on a more effective way. Center-left and center-right. We hope that these results can serve to make Popular Party ´leaders to reflect and accept their crisis without fear embarking in a conciliation path and new ideas within results in the short-term. That should be consolidated as rightly Pablo Casado pointed out: “governance agreements”. All of which, not PSOE neither PP would lose their identity but get the country out of the “political paralysis” –as mentioned by The Economist-

Changing the decadent and old-fashioned political message of “Constitutionalism” and exaltation of national sovereignty to a one modern and pro-Europe of State reshape towards a renewed European Union within global principles.

Is interesting to see the parallel among Pedro Sánchez election and Catalonia crisis. Sánchez called for elections to be elected again as President and in Catalonia they have done a second referendum _-his one legal-to get to the same results.

Clearly situations that denials reality and are driven the country into empty debates with 0 reforms, therefore a great loss of time, and money.

Is precisely for this inconvenient situation that I see as highly important the deep reflection from the Popular Party and their sense of Sate duty. Not the spoiled attitude from Ciudadanos based on emulating the strategy used by Sánchez for the motion of censure to former President Mariano Rajoy of “no is no”. Mainly because is not what their own voters are claiming for as well as IBEX 35 from which the political group holds support.

For their part, VOX on a genuine, open and honest way represents the Spanish Nacionalism. A new force in which the voters do not “mix” with other parties, but they join with those citizens that search for the reinforcement of Spanish sovereignty. This particular situation has allowed the Popular Party to “release themselves” from far-right pressures and being centered on innovation, renovation and adaptation to a new political reality tha is demanding solutions on equal basis.  

Left-wing group Podemos, although consistent on its vision, has been absorbed by a modern and plural PSOE and by voters searching for innovative solutions. The urgency for those aspects plays a crucial role. The insistency on defending systems and/or instable leaders as Nicolás Maduro or Cristina Kirchner has transformed a solid leader as Pablo Iglesias into a leader with less credibility than before.

Finally, local movements as the Catalan or Euskadi they consolidate almost without efforts and on a firm step. With this attitude they have found a political refugee that do not engaged them or make them accomplices of current chaos Is precisely on this aspect that the Presidency of PSOE may mark an inflexion point as its reliable and a truly bridge for connections.

So, there is political fragmentation, but only one path… of agreements, conciliation and reforms in the short-term that allows to attend the real demands from ALL citizens, respecting what we could establish as “ the tyranny of the majority” under our eternal and perfect resource: democracy.

*El pacto oscuro de Julio Ariza y Albert Rivera. Libertas.

*Versión Español: Resultados elecciones España 2019: ante la fragmentación política, un solo camino….

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