Global political innovation: the challenge ahead

Do you agree that politics and the political focus of all organizations and leaders are the most important axis to be changed for achieving the goal of a resilient world? I do so, even a religious leader needs to build a political strategy that makes him another politician. Partisan politics its not the only aspect that leads the political arena, although the most flamboyant. Its not necessary negative, but clearly it conditions the rest of the system.  It would be much easier to focus on each field and implement innovation for each sector without biases and without being “threaten” by politics. However, a political strategy its above any expertise goal and demands a strong effort for all actors to combine all elements, in which an almost partisan political position it’s a main part.

Current rusty structures are only making truly changes -and innovating- through the initiative of the private sector or from alliances coming from the good will from global leaders. COP21 was a victory in terms of raising awareness of the need for global joint action but without leaving the necessary roots for a radical change of the system.

Nationalism,isolationism, separatism or anti-European movements are all signs of crisis times and not new trends coming from ideologies that are searching to have a place in the world. There are just reactions to uncontrollable situations that have become the new normal of a world of uncertainty.

Catalonia is a model of how nationalisms are not of the same nature and have not the same meaning for all countries. Is a reaction against Spanish Nationalism within corruption, mismanagement of public funds and an old fashioned Monarchy that has not being able to deal with new challenges –including their own corruption cases-.*

Catalonia exposure that separatism comes as a reaction against political instability and not truly an ideological plan with focused goals -is not even an anti-European movement-. That marks a very important difference from bigotry and isolationism.

In the case of America, decades of deploying troops all over the world, of a poor health system, violent attacks inside US and a general decadence of standards of living have marked a new aggressive attitude from American´s citizens. If they had not felt unsafe or attacked it will probably would not  “brought” Trump´s model of Government as it goes against there own historically philosophy of multiculturalism and integration. It was under those rules that they have been top leaders in the world throughout the last decades.

Isolationism without a consistent focus is not reliable and American military presence in Middle East exposure, once more, that Trump´s leadership is not able to change current status quo but to reinforce it by new argumentations, image and, in the end, a renovated political marketing that attracts new voters. New politics, but 0 innovation.

….because innovation its also about accepting different colors and shapes; its for this main reason that nationalisms must be seen through new perspectives and accepted as a new wave of doing politics. We only need to make sure that it’s a fair game of ideological struggle and not just a skillful and euphoric campaign towards private interests –as the case of Brexit-. Transparency and accountability become the main elements for guaranteeing ethics among politics. The good news is that we do not need to exercise innovation for that, but just “clean” the system with determination and patience.

A change of the system demands innovation but also a new perception of what means ethics in politics. That means working on old traditional patterns of Diplomacy,transparency and accountability and at the same time,  building new networks that allows a renovated role of the citizens and open institutions that reshape their structures towards joint action within a creative leadership.

It sounds the same as usual: Democracy isn’t it? Its precisely democratic rules: inclusive, guarantors and open, based on Justice and Freedom that will deliver an innovative global political system.

*Catalonia: Nationalism or against Spanish Nationalism?

*SDG 17 Partnerships: the challenge of changing work codes

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