Kinetic relation institutions/citizens: the answer for resilient solutions

Kinetic-Rain-Singapur-AirportBy definition the kinetic energy of an object “is the energy that it possesses due to its motion. It is defined as the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest to its stated velocity. Having gained this energy during its acceleration, the body maintains this kinetic energy unless its speed changes.” 

That is precisely what we need to explore: to get to a results-driven strategy under current uncertainty conditions of a world that moves through crises. The capacity for institutions to hold back energy by a steady relation with actors, leaders and activists to gain enough velocity to accelerate and maximize their process of delivering solutions around a results-driven strategy.

From our online platform we aim to address one by one all that factors and pillars that transform a multiple crises world into a resilient and sustainable living. Which means innovation, change, reshape of political and humanitarian institutions and build a new concept of leaders and leadership within holistic approaches and renovated relations.

Even if our approach is mainly through the political side we strongly believe that is key for tackling crises more effectively as we have identified political processes as the main factor of failure. National and global institutions are working within political biases undermining their capacity to be strong advocacy leaders and preventing activists and individuals to influence their decisions.

 For connecting people, initiatives and institutions we need to make sure that an inclusive focus is guaranteed and that holistic approaches become a must for getting to innovative strategies towards resilience.

 Is in this sense that tech is a great contribution to make it possible as a tool accessible to everyone and with the possibility to connect and share people and ideas on equal basis. The more accessible it becomes, the better the possibilities to get to in-depth solutions from the real actors. The truly challenge comes within extreme poverty, low levels of Education and armed conflict areas.

Challenges as climate change force us to address differently our approach on political terms. Is it not only a matter of green politics but of a sustainable focus based on awareness, adaptation and mitigation. It´d not be possible to become resilient if we are not able to build a “kinetic” multi-institutional-citizens-approach in which each individual play their part by gaining energy during the acceleration that delivers the capacity of participating and make the difference on a global process of transformation.

Nationalisms and a political trend towards isolationism is an emotional reaction to crises that results on a narrow-minded approach that is not even a good defense for national sovereignty but an old focus that is not delivering solutions in the medium term. Isolationism destroys any possibility for synergies and instead of maintaining its kinetic energy it lost motion by getting stuck within old anti-global frameworks. Isolationism is not an option for achieving sustainable results, however it is “profitable” for those leaders that intend to use a libertarian message paradoxically based on the supremacy of the State. Is curious how an ideology that tends to dismantle the State it makes of it a tool of an isolated power from the rest of the world. It exposure that other interests rather than the public one guide their agenda.

Connection and exchange are the main drivers within a 4th industrial revolution framework in which all the energies: institutions and people -at different levels- are related and contribute to accelerate a motion process of advocacy by influencing the decision political making process. The results of these enriched relations will deliver a holistic, cosmopolitan and innovative focus. Despite well-structured and hierarchal relations, old institutions are becoming rusty and must go through and in-depth change based on innovation, inclusive and open relations and fresh leadership.

Holistic approaches and kinetic relations institutions-citizens: wrap up of our message on sustainability.



*Kinetic sculpture, Changi Airport in Singapore

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