Reshaping institutions: Innovation + Education+ Information + Social Media


Even if SDG´s are achieved, even if conflicts become under control, even if there is an opportunity for a better and stronger international joint action, an in-depth reshape of institutions is urgently needed. (National and global institutions as European Union and United Nations).

The level and intensity of crises have exposure its global nature as well as its failure to work as Catalyzers and Mediators –main role of most of them worldwide-. Part of the responsibility comes from crises in itself: complex, interconnected and without leadership and other part from the own institutions that become bureaucratic “monsters” without control from the citizenship, only good intentions with 0 impact. The more complex become the crises the more coordinated should be national and global institutions. Is it also clear that without resilient national Governments the work of supervision from global institutions (UN) become ineffective even with a solid action or/and balanced structure.

There are many examples that exposure the weakness of institutions towards Peace and Justice that lead us to conclude that not only innovative approaches are needed but also a complete reshape of the system.

1) A never-ending Israel-Palestine conflict that exposures that other interests rather than Peace are at stake to prevent a global institution as UN to act after all this time and with all the proven facts that there is a process of constant violation of Human Rights.

2) Crisis of the Humanitarian sector as a global institution due to new crises, no access to conflict areas, no respect to civilians and a no sustainable internal management of human resources and financial budget.

3) Increasing Global Migration crisis without attacking their roots causes, main reason for becoming unsustainable in the medium term. Migration movements have always existed, however not with current global dimension that demands new institutional approaches. In which Mediation and Dialogue with local people and authorities are essential. Mediation: with both parts of the conflict to guarantee the safety of civilians in armed conflict preventing them to migrate. Dialogue with national Governments in case of climate change crisis for reshaping national institutions towards mitigation and adaptation, making a liveable environment.

All examples that make reflect about the relevant role of institutions on building a new sustainable world, however we are facing the truth that national and global institutions are not being enough resilient or simply inactive in areas of conflict that demand urgent action, therefore, losing effectiveness and capacity to be responsive.

In a sense we all agree on the need for being innovative, although not on the tools and for a revolutionary reshape that demands seeing societies with new lenses in which organizations become more representatives and citizens truly drivers for change.

 New crises demand new societies and by innovating organizations and building a new Education system for adults -and new generations- we assure that citizens are enough empowered to tailored their institutions to their needs. The tools at the service for this goal are: Information and Social Media

In that process of institutional innovation, dialogue and joint efforts private- public sector represents a fundamental pillar. The following are some of the drivers for a change of the system: creative mechanisms for internal dialogue employees-managers within the private sector; effective mechanisms of transparency and accountability citizens-public representatives; new mechanisms of decentralization and better approach of citizens needs (European Union, UN), a new Education system as a driver for productive dialogue and supervision of ethical, fair and transparent Information  and the use of Social Media as the best and faster way to get into an international joint action towards a revolutionary change leading by the citizens.

Reshaping national and global institutions: Innovation policies, Educated actors, transparent and fluid information and the power of Social Media… drivers for change





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