The power of simplicity…


The hidden strength of each decision from political leaders should rely on simplicity and not on marketisation. However most of the decisions are being taken under pressure from external reasons that have nothing to do with the real goal. The complexity of a world submerged in multiple crises demands a simple and holistic approach without ideological aspects. Indeed, is it not a historical moment for ideologies that see the world from only one perspective and only one marketing focus, but a multilateral vision that deliver tangible solutions.

Simplicity is also a matter of generosity, in which with or without measuring the impact in terms of image and votes, leaders perform under individual determination and legitimation from the citizenship. Sadly is a fact that is missing and pressures from investors, their own political party and biased interests lead the stage of politicians without real support from the citizens.

The capacity to adapt and be flexible to changes is what really matters and makes of a leader a change maker not just the stubborn defense of an ideology or hidden interests.

Simplicity delivers harmony and in politics is translated in ethics, that is the main principle that should guide politics especially in times of complex crises in which we need the simplicity of transparency more than ever. In conjunction with a systemic focus on accountability from leaders with the capacity to print with colors a “flat” stage of mediocrity and biased interests. Is precisely the complexity of a political system that doesn’t use accountable process -as the main tool for monitoring the performance of their leaders- that we get to current levels of arbitrariness. That what happened with Brexit, just the fact that there are exploring the possibility of a 2d referendum because of the failure on transparency of the 1st one definitely may conclude that it was not a fair process of exercise of democracy. A paradox in itself as a referendum is the most important exponent of a democratic system.

Brexit has exposure the lack of transparency of their leaders and a no well-designed roadmap. Is it for this reason that accountability was the main factor for failing in terms of impact. If there were a proper process from the very beginning, leaders should be able to present their proposals without ambiguity and by a careful measure of its impact. The citizenship has not changed their minds for claiming now for a 2d referendum, there are waking up from the confusion generated by a biased message and a political campaign based on arbitrary promises. Much more than solid argumentations against the European Union, a in-depth euphoria was the real leading message. Is it also clear the failures of the Union as an institution, not so about their spirit and philosophy and by sure, it doesn’t justify national political weakness.

We may conclude that Brexit´ leaders would used a simply message against belonging to the European Union based on a nationalist ideological perspective as well as an anti-global focus –including anti-migration- would not been enough to gain votes for Brexit. They need marketization and feelings of hate, confrontation, euphoria and….simply lies.

Simplicity comes from vision and the capacity to see solutions within a complex landscape of crises. In which accountability plays a paramount role. Its simple, its legal: transparency and accountability processes putting into action empowered by the citizenship.

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