Jerusalem/Quds: Why the “two-state solution” is not the answer


jerusalem-696x445After more than 20 years, Israel-Palestine conflict needs a way-out beyond bilateral utopic agreements, coming from the international community and global leaders/institutions.

In the last decades U.S. has lead the peace process and exposure their total failure on getting into a solution although a clear -and mysterious- interest in favor of Israel. In fact is their Number 1 foreign aid priority. Last year represents $3,10 billion; more than Afghanistan, Syria or Uganda.

 This is not a “religious” bilateral conflict but a strictly political confrontation that is claiming for a solution on equal basis, under international support and strong global leadership.

Some global leaders are proposing a “two-sate-solution”, although without measuring the consequences and practical possibilities. This solution supposes a political attitude of resignation, which is clearly not the spirit of Israel and Palestine. Both have shown no political will for a solution particularly Israel that encourage the global community to be against Palestine, hate Muslims -to the point to exculpate Hitler of Jews genocide and adjudicate that responsibility to Muslims- and move Embassies to Jerusalem /Quds. Not even Israel population supports this position coming just from an elite of power.

The “two-states-solution “exposures -once again- the lack of will from global leaders to try to resolve this endless conflict. A mistaken position that instead of deliver “global” solutions they get stuck on bilateral –no achievable- goals.

This is only a theoretical solution that has no place in current political arena of hostilities and lack of protection for civilians.

We just need to go through some examples to illustrate this situation:

1.-Since it occupied the West Bank in 1967 Israel has laid hands on Palestinians water resources through discriminatory water-sharing agreements that prevented them from maintaining their infrastructure through its illegal planning”. A typical resource of war that results on more vulnerability for Palestinian people without responding to this acts at United Nations and humanitarian law.

 2.- In recent declarations Netanyahu exculpate Hitler from responsibility over Jews genocide and said that Muslims were the real reason behind Hitler´s actions. Exposure that the peace process is not a strategy from Israel but a stand-by that keeps the status quo of hostilities and hate against Muslims.

3.- Destroying Palestine infrastructure coming from humanitarian aid funds.* Another way to see that an agreement is not the goal for Israel but the search for an “eternal war” in which Palestine is boycotting and rejected by the international community. Is in this sense that the support to Palestine from the global institutions becomes a must to address this “no-two-states conflict” but an entire global stability that threaten global peace.

This is a precedent that the international community cannot afford anymore.

4.- United Nations vote on Palestine flag exposure that the international community wants and needs to move forward integrating Palestine as a legitimate Nation. Only 8 countries voted against: US, Israel, Australia, Canada, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau and Tuvalu. Only a deep level of hate could explain this vote, as it was just the raise of the flag at United Nations; a symbolical gesture towards Palestinian people.

All the above shows that the mobilization from Israel to discredit Palestine comes from a racist ideological basis not from a fair representation of the interests or/and will from their own population.

Palestine is widely accepted and recognized as a Nation at international level, and the fact that Israel with the support of US and the indirect complicity of other countries are boycotting any attempt for consolidating peace, does not mean that there is not an urgent need to back Palestine as a legitimated Nation.

We need to move towards a results-driven strategy: Jerusalem/Quds has the status of a world heritage site which allows to more supervision and control from the global institutions even if its territorial status is not determinate yet. We must–as global community- stop accepting the pressure from Israel/U.S. to be “on their side” and move forward towards a common international goal on peace, represented by the acknowledgement that Palestine is a Nation with rights and duties, in harmony with SDG 16.

In current times of global crises, solutions must be global as well. This is not “Israel-US-affair” but an international never-end conflict that gets to an inflection point. There is no more excuses for achieving peace and legitimate an entire vulnerable population.

For de-escalating the growing hate created between the two sides, Jerusalem/Quds should not become capital or city of any of them but a literal interpretation of a “world heritage site”, of interest of all of us, belonging to the international community not to national interests.

The Security Council and its resounding failure on taking action by protecting this land from conflicts exposure the need for a global leadership. Acting without interfering in the conflict by guaranteeing that this land remains intact to other interests rather than the preservation of a religious and philosophical place of international value.

Above all, the solution relies on the pressure from the international community and global leaders to make of Jerusalem/Quds a land of religion and culture with no right to establish any sign of nationality as flags, institutions or political representation, only of global kind. As a world patrimony manages by authorities representatives of the different religions and nationalities.

 We need to explore the possibility of a new status or a deeper interpretation of “world heritage site” and protection measures coming from global institutions; in the meantime a no legal status land with religious and tourist purposes.Culture leads to peace.

The Promised Land…





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