Education: SDG Nº 4? No, the 1st Goal and a pillar for the rest


“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”





When we agree that we live in a world within global standards, we immediately link it with “freedom of movement” that comes as a direct consequence. Freedom in educational terms means also supporting people by an inclusive Education that guarantees that all children and adults belongs to a system that holds principles of integration, multicultural and openness.

The rise of nationalism and extremism sweep away any possibility for building roots around the concept of inclusive Education. Thousands of persons, mainly children, are paying the consequences of this reactionary form of protesting against the system. Instead of searching for solutions in which joint-action represents its best framework they fall back towards a close and old shape of educating on isolation values. A solution absolutely out of context under the light of a new wave of crises and individual needs. That is undermining the goal for lifelong opportunities for all reducing the Educational system to groups of people that live and study under certain circumstances and geographical areas. Is not possible to bear in mind a world resilient to crises if Education is only part of stagnated parcels in which there is no interaction and integration with the rest of the world.

A revolutionary technology is another fact to take into account as it´s the best expression of “being global”. Not as a matter of standardization on consumption but an improved model of globalization with better forms of being connected and informed, therefore: Educated!. This is the reality that globalization brought and is a process that cannot –should not- be stopped. Is precisely this reason why Education needs to be a fundamental pillar of this digitalization process and only by global inclusive principles could be achieved.

An inclusive, open, multicultural Education in which a revolutionary technology comes as a tool for development that guarantees others pillars of sustainability.

Is it also “logical” that in countries in which there are high levels of corruption, instead of an opportunity this tool of information becomes a threat. Indeed, information and education are main elements for fighting against a corrupt system.

Transparency and accountability would only come from the smart selection of leaders and action from citizens educated and well informed that effectively demand clean practices and focus.

However, Education is not a priority for many political systems. That is a fact and a sad reality. For ages, Education has not been a tangible goal in the political agenda. The best example, which illustrates this situation is that the total world military spending represents $1.676 billion. Just a 3.2%, -a cut of $54.2 billion per year- in military spending allows achieving universal pre-primary, primary and lower secondary Education by 2030.

The conclusion seems the same as usual: there is not a matter of lack of financial resources but of wrong distribution and mistaken priorities. A framework of safety comes from a framework of Education that allows dialogue and participation on an equal basis.

For political campaign purposes Education only shows results in the long-term. In current world of political marketing of short-termism, a strong financial investment on infrastructures seems to be more suitable for the goal of getting easy results rather than build a culture around values. Peace, integration, multiculturalism, inclusion are all elements linked to a good Education in the sense of creating openness and shape with innovation a new way of living.

The smart combination and complementarity of information, modern technology and Education helps to build minds around the idea of a sustainable world in all its extent, in addition to boost capacity to coexist pacifically ….. and patiently, one with each other.

In the end, Education is that paramount pillar that supports the rest of the goals and above all, the rest of the system.



* Sculpture “Suspended”: Menashe Kadishman






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