Lack of a Diplomatic leadership is driven the world into isolationism

surreal-art-modern-culture-tony-futura-19__700Diplomacy is the “art” of making alliances and build political relations that turns out to be solid economic-financial systems. Is it through Diplomacy that international relations become a tool for achieving growth at all levels and a way to make citizens updated and interconnected. It is a main duty from governments. In current times has become a real challenge under a framework of isolationist strategies that dominates the stage…. and literally eat the world up!.*

Is under this framework that leaders become the essential element to make political relations effective. There are many examples in history in which personal skills of diplomats were the reason for revolutionary changes.

A successful diplomacy comes when there is a constant dialogue and a “political attitude” for establishing codes of healthy communication inside the Nation and among others. Is precisely here when diplomacy fails: when there is not enough dialogue or/and political will for dialogue.

 A meeting is just a “frozen image” of a negotiation process; if there is not a strong diplomatic work behind there is not room for a successful process. In which there could be more than one interpretation of what “success” represents. Many meetings are just part of a framework of “activities” with media impact but without real commitments in the short term. The European Union is showing how constant activities are not equal to a successful results-driven diplomatic strategy. Isolationist process like Brexit or Independence claims as in Catalonia, are signs that there is not an accurate and solid focus towards integration and preservation of the own institution. Leadership is missing.

Instead, COP21 has been a great demonstration of the capacity of Diplomacy action for effective joint action in which leadership at global level has been boost by an important emotional aspect of “being together against of”. This is a great way to raise sense of union and need for action, something totally missing among European ´s institutions. Without reforms and involvement in national crisis it will be more separatism and nationalisms movements, hence, less united.

Above all I´d like to highlight the need to be flexible. In turbulent times is a must to “adapt” in technical and practical terms, to new uncertain realities. Indeed, a world that goes through uncertainty, flexibility and openness become essential elements.

Negotiation and personal capacities to get to an agreement gives way to the search for conciliation and the urgency to face crises (as climate change, nationalist movements, etc.) from a global perspective. This turn back to nationalism is the expression of the lack of capacity from ”good diplomats”. Indeed, if isolationism and nationalism are the goal for resolving global crises there are little opportunities for agreements and fewer for developing successful diplomats.

Key qualities for a good diplomat need to be seen under the light of current global crises in which there are more than agreements but a global joint action.

Is under this “new normal of permanent and global crisis” that the European Union must change its leadership style and act through a renewed shape of Diplomacy.

New Diplomacy: the best tool for facing crises and become resilient in the medium term, applying flexibility, open political attitude, global values, and negotiation skills from a joint action focus.

Eat the world up through a Diplomatic leadership!





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