Cultural change and law framework: not always the “healthy symmetry”….


Culture impacts society to the point that everything becomes a cultural matter and changes accordingly.

Culture + symmetrical law framework = resilient systems

When a law system become obsolete means that culture has changed, not that the law in itself it´s wrong. Easily we may conclude that there is a symmetrical phenomenon in which a new culture derivate into a new law framework. Environmental protection is the paradigmatic example in which a no evolution of the system drives the entire society into stagnation.

Climate change denial, corruption, conservative educational systems, etc. exposure the need to encompass the new challenges with a new law framework. However which is the institution or/and leader in charge of controlling an accountability process that assures that the system is updated and the citizenship is safe from any “catastrophe” at political level? Unfortunately the answer is none. Only those systems with high-level standards of transparency and accountability are able to face new challenges effectively. Is not a coincidence that systems with those standards of well-being are also the ones that delivers solid educational systems, action against climate change and low levels of corruption. The link among citizens and governments become strong and responsive towards crises building societies resilient to external threats and –maybe the most important- to internal division. In these societies politics becomes more a “game” of ideological approaches rather than division and confrontation.

Currently UK and USA are the main examples of how modern societies may enter into the dangerous road of lack of Education, information and political manipulation. In which ideologies are not a matter of debate but messages from pseudo leaders without a solid alternative strategy but a group of ideas without real, proven facts. Brexit in UK is still a process out of control from the citizenship, as there are not allow to test its results. Now there are seeing the consequences of an irresponsible campaign based on feelings not from a visionary financial-economic projection.

In the case of climate change it becomes clear that nature is driving cultural habits on a different direction and the indifference or the absence of a responsive law framework and political action leave the society in absolute vulnerability and their actors in total unsafely.

USA with a strong campaign against climate change action is also an example that there are not based on scientific facts. Recent devastation caused by multiple hurricanes exposure, –once again- that their interests were not focused on the society but on private interests.

There is no accountability for those political campaigns that were searching for a cultural change, trying to change the law framework without an alternative model and/or results-driven strategy based on proven facts.

But how do we influence culture in a positive, profitable way for all? How could culture  become democratic enough for assuring the own survival?

Media and Education is the answer, or maybe…the other way round. Without Education, Media is transformed in a mere tool that manipulates people without feed them with the enriched elements of criteria. That is crucial for achieving goals that delivers analysis and the correct election of their representatives.

Towards a healthy and harmonious symmetry in which the law system encompass the new challenges with a close look into the evolution of each society and culture. A no responsive system is also that one that is not able to see those changes and get stagnate within old and rusty cultural codes.


Culture + updated law framework = the healthy symmetry



*Perceptive, Adam Martinakis, 2010


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