BREXIT. When the process fails… a new roadmap

stock-photo-compass-over-the-map-of-uk-london-suburbs-3649848Recent declarations from Leave campaign´s donors acknowledging the existence of racism and surprisingly accepting that immigration represents a “good thing” gives light for what it was, until now, a dark process of contradictions and lies that is making the British citizenship paying the consequences. Only a few months after the referendum a survey concludes that if it were held now 54% of people would vote for Remain.

The leadership on this political process is the pillar that has failed from the very beginning. There main leaders instead of giving an alternative plan were not able to face their own contradictions in relation to the fake idea of a “promised land” full of economic, financial and social benefits. Particularly how there were supporting a far-right political agenda –which is clearly a minority position among the voters- and mainly how they would protect better and more British citizens from financial crisis, migration or terrorism.

Failing to give answers or/and admitting their mistakes they build a campaign based on inconsistent promises creating an imaginary stage of fear and prejudice.

As a difference for what has been offered by Leave campaign leaders, that split from European Union will bring security, defending one nationality and closing borders with the rest, if the referendum were held now, 89% of citizens would vote for dual nationality. 1 in 6 people want a second nationality as a “passport” for career and opportunities. Which represents, beyond doubt, a consolidated culture around integration to the EU. Exposure that the British citizenship is seeing the EU as a space for safety and not a threaten institution. -and eventually agree to pay for it a 5% of their annual income-.

So, what make citizens go against their own will for belonging to the Union and follow this new “trend” of isolationism furthered by these “surrealist” leaders?

To answer this complex question we need to search for elements that go beyond citizen´s real concerns and analyze the message of a group of political leaders that misled 52% of voters.

First, it was a campaign full of emotional elements based on racism and euphoria that boost fear and sense of unsafely. It was under those devastating emotions that people voted and shut up in themselves for what was –until the campaign- part of their culture , therefore accepted as normal. Definitely, a good strategy under the light of the electoral results although not the political cost. Indeed the ineffectiveness of the process exposure that it was just that: a good campaign without an alternative model.

The emotional component of this stage of euphoria and fear imagined by political leaders without vision or a tangible proposal, shows that the citizenship has been manipulated making them vote against their own interests and what is worst, against their own will.

Is it time for accepting the absolute emptiness of Brexit´s campaign proposals and the prevailing emotional component that determinates its final results.

Contradictions and lies- e.g. NHS- has proven that Brexit doesn’t “go whistle” as promised by Boris Johnson and that around £100 billion must be paid to the EU, which it was a controversial point that has not been clearly displayed during the campaign. When there is a truly accountable and transparent political agenda, costs of the proposal are the main issue to address however, in this case it was another part of the fake stage for achieving short-term electoral results.

In line with the self-confidence message from campaign´s time, the government assures “speed and efficiency” for the process, however without certainty of its length and contaminated it with uncertainty, lack of assertiveness and again we get to the same conclusion: a campaign but not a plan. Literally: fraud

BREXIT…. now is it time for an accountability process towards political leaders in relation to broken campaign promises, contradictions and lies. If the emotional component is the only pillar for building this process, British citizenship needs to stand with passion and determination for calling to responsibility and fix this chaos that it´d made lose billion of pounds to contributors and divert the will of 89% of citizens that want to keep their EU privileges.

A new roadmap for a failing process…









*Remain ‘would win BREXIT referendum if held now

*89% of Britons want dual citizenship after BREXIT

 *Boris Johnson concedes UK will have to pay for BREXIT

 *Boris Johnson says UK needs to leave Customs Union with ‘speed and efficiency’ after BREXIT

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