Green expectations under current green frustrations

5a51bf80640064e4edaaf7396abcbe06If we thought that climate change denial were the most contradictory expression coming from a reactionary position, now we are facing the attempt of US to withdraw the Paris agreement. I say “attempt” as it will not be immediately that US will be able to withdraw, even if Trump´s speech looks as if its referring to a national agreement. There are international legal rules to fulfill before achieving a real withdraws, although this Administration insists on a surprising attitude of denial of proven facts.

Lack of scientific knowledge and awareness: that is the best way to describe this chained facts that are driven American people to deny realities and scientific facts. Contradictions that get exposure in many examples, e.g. Trump´s proposal to build Mexico´s border wall with solar panels. An undoubtedly way to acknowledge that solar energy is extremely useful (at least). A truly irony that claims for transparency and accountability about biased financial interests interfering in politics. Lehman & Brothers and its devastating global impact was that sign that shows that the system need to be changed however, there were no lessons learned for Americans and no awareness of the global impact of their decisions.

Is clear, US has lost –voluntarily- its global leadership and now the axis of power is moving and we need to move accordingly. The existence of global initiatives like the one boost by President E. Macron #Maketheplanetgreatagain shows that US is not reliable anymore and not only for climate change issues. Its own name is a way to express the counterbalance role of this global initiative and with the same spirit of changing establishment and move away from a “standby” that has gone too far. The best anti-establishment policy for climate change: ACTION.

 When a Nation with the power of US makes of isolationism their best strategy means that new actors will enter at stage.

New leaders and initiatives are replacing an old pattern of international political behavior. There are pros and cons in this anarchic way of delivering global concerns and in the short or medium term we need to reflect on the institutionalization of all initiatives at global scale as a way to make a proper follow up and establishes effective mechanisms of accountability under a results-driven strategy.

Lack of political will: Will is the only strength that will face climate change challenges and the only one that must be maximized by a strong leadership in a healthy combination public-private sector.

We´re not challenge by competiveness –axis of the old code- but with a conflictive relationship “Nature & us” in terms of concepts, perceptions, values and daily habits. Paradoxically this is the good part of this conflict stage: the struggle is against ourselves because climate change is caused by human action therefore, changing our internal codes become fundamental to achieve changes in the short term.

Loose of US leadership: America has lost a historical global leadership. Climate change action has become a pillar for building resilience and those leaders that are not able to see it – or are blind by other interests- lost coherence and popularity at international level. Its not only about “environmental issues”. Politics and leaders that erase environmental concern from the agenda are literally out. In addition, the power vacuum generating by the loose of a leading place in the world creates a feeling of uncertainty that leads to instability.

Ethics or transparency so devaluated in current “political times” have now an impact on climate change much more serious than in the past. In fact, the success of this process comes from grown up political systems for taking decisions within a global focus.

 Breaking old codes, reinventing a new world suitable not just for living but for surviving. This is the main pillar to move forward on the relentless path of climate change. To achieve this goal we need first to change our minds and then create new codes that could rule a new human and a new world.

Green expectations …..


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