U.S.& Paris agreement: We want you for a Global Green Leadership!


Is not enough…. a global leadership is important to build resilient in a world hit by constant crises however, not enough to become environmentally sustainable. More than ever the environment is not only a matter of concern from scientists or green political parties but a more extended version in which there is awareness that we are all in the same boat and all political parties must be green.

There is not possibility to avoid or denial climate change. If there are financial private interests that push for it, vision and common sense also pushes for giving solutions to an overwhelming reality that is literally changing our landscape. U.S. has move forward substantially by introducing solar and wind energies to their economy; now, reassuring an international commitment is needed for this and other reasons.

After recent G7 meeting, Angela Merkel said that U.S. is not a “reliable partner” anymore, which supposes a go back in the project of building good relations EU-U.S. These kind of political reactions are extremely negative and the opposite of what it should be done to build a world responsive to crises. We could only assign responsibility to an incorrect use of diplomacy. Being anti-establishment does not supposes to erase good international relations with an influential partner as the European Union.

Just to see the massive crowd that accompanied Barack Obama in Berlin prior to the G7 to realize that the focus that current Administration is holding is not in line with harmonic relations with the rest of the world. Being global or anti-global doesn’t mean confrontation or the “contamination” of existing good political relations. After G7 Donald Trump has left the idea that U.S. is not a partner willing to negotiate from a new perspective but an enemy of which the European Union needs to protect themselves. Which means going further than different approaches or ideological positions but to move towards confrontation, isolationism and national partisan pressures above American interests.

Repeatedly Trump refers to the Paris agreement as a “job killer”, however there is no evidence that sustains this position. A recent study concludes that renewable energy is creating jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the Economy *

Actually renewables initiatives are engines for employment Even if the agreement supposes negative aspects for U.S. is not a good excuse to withdraw but to deliver alternative solutions, showing capacity to negotiate and a strong leadership.

Is not possible to turn your back to climate change devastating reality just because there are aspects of the agreement that doesn’t fit with financial private interests. We need to move forward with vision, delivering solutions, not getting stuck in an isolationist position.

There is also an strategic benefit for the U.S. to show intention to participate as the more united the European Union is, the less opportunities for US to be influential in their decisions. In a historical momentum of instability –particularly after Brexit- a global leadership is seeing as “the strength” and line to follow

Pretend to lead the most influential country in the world without being global it simple means: no leadership at all.

Paris agreement is that opportunity to show that U.S. wants to build healthy international relations, being a reliable partner, even from an anti-global perspective within bilateral relations.

No Mr. President …..is not enough to be a leader you must be a green leader that meet expectations globally: we want you! Don’t miss the opportunity to be considered a reliable partner for the European Union and the rest of the world. Stay with us, stay in Paris agreement!

* http://fortune.com/2017/01/27/solar-wind-renewable-jobs/

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