After London attacks and Brexit, a new Nation will come out…. just find the way


Is it very difficult not to get emotionally involved in this attack, that´s the reason for using our logo as a sign of respect for Britain mourning but also to show that we continue seeing the world with the blue of hope and faith. Maybe with romanticism, but also with the idea that individual action is a powerful weapon that could make the difference and find the way for a tangible way-out. Crises are an opportunity and we need to take it objectively and without complain.

The attack in itself and the formal split with Europe, supposes a shock and are undermining British people´s capacity for taking wise decisions. Even that, today, the day that trigger Brexit, Theresa May call to be “united”. How possible could be united under current chaos that is having tangible negative results as the fall of the pound? It seems that despite the determinate and repetitive message about the need to be united “against of” there is not more solutions or/and ideas about the financial negative impact.

We are on the road for a new reality: that seems the only message that the government has….. not much more ideas or alternative models for facing future short-term challenges. Having hope for the future and initiative to change those aspects that are not working is a worthy attitude, however not enough.

Under tremendous uncertainty and lack of clarity from leaders, emotional elements arise as the only real leaders in this process with no vision. That is the importance to feed in British people the idea to switch in blue not in dark colors. The color that reflects the message from nationalists is disguised in a speech of safety and guarantees. Indeed racism, xenophobia and fear are the new black for a weak and threaten UK mainly for the division that this pseudo leaders are creating. Safety means more than isolationist policies but building culture around peace and inclusiveness. London attack shows that migration has nothing to do with a terrorist threat. Along history there have been always violent attacks, and mostly of this attacks are based on military presence in Muslims countries. So, if Europe and UK needs safety it´ll come mainly but changing their foreign policies as a first step, then develop policies around respect and global values that assure that the Western doesn´t represent a threat.

Peace is an attitude, the strength that comes from individual action building a culture around it by policies and education based on multiculturalism.

This is not a matter of Muslims against the Western but of the global community against violence. That´s the only side that needs to be focused on, without racial or religious discrimination. That demands action to change and reform systems and strategies around the presence and relations with the Muslim world. Leaders like the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani shows that Muslims countries are not the enemy and have sense of Union and Peace: “Globalization has shown in the global crisis that we are all in the same boat. If we do not choose wise captains, then the sorm will harm us all”. Exposure their political will for making changes and act in the context of a global world.

Global values for embracing London attack and Brexit in blue colors: with the conviction that only integration and joint action in the framework of global values will bring the needed peace and safety. Other Nation is being born, a new one, that need to find the way, changing leadership and open their minds of what British people really wants, not other interests….

 Learn, build and change…. tomorrow is another day.

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