Italy´s referendum:the broken record of anti-establishment

turntable_06A referendum is the most important exercise of democracy, however, if the population is not informed/misinformed or if is voting with a different goal than the strictly posed it could represent the worst step taken by the citizenship. In fact it is a demagogue move taken by the opposition for introducing its own political agenda. This is a clear victory to the Northern League not to the real problems of Italian population. A win vowed by far-right French leader Marine Le Pen confirms our suspicions.

This is what is happening in Italy: the population voted against the government, not against the reforms, that in fact they do not even know it -53% of the population declared not knowing the content of the reforms-. Tired of an inefficient Administration and an economy that doesn’t take off despite all the time elapsed since the onset of the financial crisis, it decided to punish the government for their failures and lack of accountability.

People say no to corruption not to reforms. A mismanagement of public funds under a system that works more as a regimen than a democratic structure needs reforms that make them more transparent and accountable. Being against corruption has nothing to do to promote a far-right populist movement that is taking the opportunity for introducing their own agenda based on racism, xenophobia and isolationism.

The big challenge and goal is to reform the system no to destroy it. However, being anti- system is currently the big and surprised encouraging slogan of populist leaders. Trying to gain trust by raising euphoria they erase the possibilities to make real and in-depth reforms. This is exactly what is needed: a reshape of the system at national and European level by a solid alternative institutional and regulatory model that removes corrupt leaders and build a political system based on an strict accountability and transparency.

A high and risky public debt of 133% and an unemployment rate of 11.7 % from which 39% represents youth unemployment will not be resolved by saying NO to reforms or to the European Union. Currently were are witnessing opportunistic moves from far-right groups in which without giving alternative models it pledges for better life standards by just moving through an extremist agenda. Is it true, we are going through a crises time that demands a change of the system although it doesn´t necessary mean extremist goals.

Even if the political message seems to be around an ideological matter, particularly against liberalism, is it not. The ideology in itself is not falling; leaders and institutions are the real cause of all diseases. Along its institutional life the European Union has shown the effectiveness of its procedures and the comparative advantages with other regions in the world. However, leaders with private goals are contaminated and blocking public interests.

Is not possible to get to a real break with the establishment if there is no a clear path to follow. Being “anti” establishment, anti-European, anti-globalist, anti-liberal, anti-system it’s a broken record that will never see the way-out. Being “against” is an attitude that will never be sufficient to build a resilient future. Even if this “rebellion” its emotionally good to channel the frustration of a population on a permanent state of crises guided by unreliable leaders. In fact if there is not a global leadership vision in the context of global standards and under a multidisciplinary approach we´ll continue living under the euphoria of an “anti-establishment” solution with an anarchic focus and populist leaders.




*Designer: Yakir Buaron

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