For a NEW global world: being flexible as rubber and solid as concrete

crushedwall_5-walter-jackFacing crises it´s a matter of attitude? First and above all!. Is not only that “the world is changing” there are dramatic and dangerous changes that are compromising the very existence of the planet. Global frameworks on principles and values are shifting within a relentless process in which we need to be prepared to adapt ourselves to the new challenges by open and holistic approaches.

Individual behavior becomes the most important factor by an active and responsible attitude. Citizen engagement comes as a consequence of this resilient attitude towards integration and real involvement in Public affairs. One of the most important aspects of this “individual rebellion” against crisis on credibility and trust towards public representatives comes under the shape of an anti-establishment goal. Surprisingly, it does not come from the population as a bottom up initiative but a top down electoral strategy from a far-right political agenda.

There are correct: there is a need to break with current establishment….but how could we hold an anti-establishment position if there is not a proper alternative model? Or even if it were it doesn´t come from informed citizens on a democratic perspective basis?

Originally left wing positions have been associated with an anti-establishment message, now the extremist right wing took the arena of populism and lead the path of this old –however with a new shape- message. There is nothing wrong, in fact, is it absolutely necessary. Who could deny the need for a change of current instable system? However, who could decide which is the alternative model to move on.

The first and certain aspect identify with this new shape of political messages is: bigotry. The path is contaminated by negative feelings that help to move masses through euphoria and ignorance. Is precisely this manipulation that make us reflect about the need of creating leaders able to give rational and achievable strategies that go further than their own personal ambition.

If the political choice is anti-establishment it means stability and reassurance and never feelings of fear. Is it here that it´s paramount to take the lead at individual level with empowerment, commitment and action. Attitude is the first step for making effective changes.

Is it true, people identify with more passion with extremist positions, in fact most of the leaders which last more was precisely because it takes their agenda to extremes without political vision and/or taking in account the need to deliver a political message of safety. In times which flexibility is a must and adaptation the primary goal, people need a safe political framework in which they could build values around resilience and joint action.

Most of the current political parties are not getting the answer for facing crises because there are building feelings of fear and distrust instead of joint action and integration of citizens in their political proposals. As a consequence, the citizenship is not a reflexive and pro-action community but passive masses that let others make decisions for them without accountability from leaders’ messages.

The solution relies on eclectic positions, is this a cynical or unrealistic position? Maybe, however are the path for addressing crises through bottom up strategies and open-minded leaders. A mix of smart choices from the different political tends are the clue for achieving sustainable results. Not even political center parties are giving accurate solutions as there are biased by private interests that, paradoxically, lead them to right or left positions.

The more fair and loyal to principles and values, the more the need to be open to different trends for adapting and changing whatever is necessary to gain enough flexibility and build a leading pillar from different ideologies´ is no one-way to get out this crises, there is no one solution only an interdisciplinary, cosmopolitan view would be the one that deliver the resilient solution.There is no one-way to get out this crises, there is no one solution only an interdisciplinary, cosmopolitan view would be the one that deliver a resilient solution.

To give an example of the need to be open and flexible, even if they goes in contradiction with personal views is represented by the new and surprising attitude of Donald Trump on his first week as elected President. Trump has changed his radical slogan of far-right message to a more reasonable and conciliator: “fences….not exactly a wall”, “reform Obamacare not erase it”, “impeachment of Hillary Clinton…not now”, “open-minded towards climate change” and many others statements that not necessary should be taken as contradictions but a coherent perspective of what means addressing political solutions in an holistic vision.

Walking blind towards an uncertain future demands a strong exercise of acknowledgement of all that actions that tend to conciliate even it goes against there own political positions. This is the point: conciliate positions doesn´t mean resign to ideological principles but gives them other place in a world that needs pragmatic solutions.

It´s imperative to change attitudes for the sake of finding rational way outs in a world submerged in hypocrisy, lack of transparency and weak leaders.

Let´s be open to the NEW without fear it´s also a matter of individual choices in which passion and integration goals need to be accompanied by fair information and active involvement with public affairs.

*Crushed Wall by Walter Jack.

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