After election results: another secession war in U.S.?

uscivilwarAfter today American politics will never be the same…. you´ve heard that before on Nixon´s incident. And it was true; the damage on credibility is still there and it continues because of Trump. The Republican Party is not Nixon or Trump, but Trump was the Republican candidate and now elected President. There is a clear  responsibility from the Republican Party on vision and strategy. Searching to win they made an ambitious and desperate move without seeing  the consequences at local and global level. Whatever is the reason, the election of a populist is always risky: good in electoral terms, although dangerous. With no academic content and showing an important lack of knowledge about foreign and internal affairs (e.g. public debt or COP21) it has become public and notorious that Trump has not enough experience to be President. As a consequence the campaign has been based in constant contradictions disguised under a direct, aggressive and populist message. Like in the secession war, America is repeating the same Machiavelli mistakes: “divide and rule”, bringing in depth uncertainty to the world. One of the controversial elements is that as a Republican candidate he has not defended original ideological partisan principles. A Republican that has financed Democrats in the past –Clinton- is the most obvious way to express his ideological contradictions. Trump has changed basic Republicans principles that has leaded the country towards a multicultural and free country. Now, as a President and even with control over the Parliament, they will not be “one block” but the President in one side and Republican representatives on the other, transforming the political landscape in a truly battleground if there is not a radical switch from “electoral“ to “State” speech.

After this election if there is not a strong and inclusive leadership U.S. will go through a national crisis: a “secession” war of one against the other. U.S. is a point of reference for the world, a model of freedom and multiculturalism that needs to keep its balance and helps global institutions to address multiple crises. A visionary American leader could not allow 2 Americas in 1 but the join action in which defeated Democrats and Republicans get the feeling and confidence to be represented in one axis. That represents the end of the establishment: “Be a President for all Americans”

The Media has manipulated this campaign to the point that has transformed it into an entertainment show. In addition, scandals from both candidates cancel any attempt to legitimate the campaign (emails ‘leaks or tax evasion). Even if it were part of a complot to feed the show in a dirty war, is it clear that both candidates have delineated their ideas. In the case of Trump with a strong military agenda, anti-Mexican, anti-refugees and anti-globalist. Meanwhile Clinton repeats a message without giving guarantees that is able to fulfil that agenda with the negative background of belonging to an establishment that goes against the renovated policies of the own Barack Obama.

Surprisingly, and despite his racist, xenophobe and Islamophobia agenda, in his first speech as elected President, Donald Trump changes his focus and promised to be a President for “all Americans”. In an attempt to unite what it has been separated during the campaign. “To all Republicans, Democrats and Independents across this Nation I say it´s time for us to come together as one united people”. With this message Trump erase all trace of a personal and populist strategy and gives way to a coherent and inclusive message for first time in his short and intense political carrier. This change make reflect –fantasize if you wish- about the real intentions of his repeated campaign´s messages and against all odds moving forward to a sui-generis position and not the far-right focus that he delivered during the campaign. He also changes his aggression towards his rival Hillary Clinton speaking in a total different manner, acknowledging her effort and work in a total contradiction from last months.

Even if at personal level racism and isolationism it´s Trump´s philosophy at a State level this first speech gives hope that it could get good advisors to assist him on foreign and internal affairs in an updated framework of global relations and impact.The world needs a reshaped model of globalization not to go back to old models of international relations of confrontation and unilateral action.

The world needs an America great again by a visionary leader able to move effectively through multiple crises. Donald Trump needs to abandon his role as a candidate-business man and become and State leader for America and the world as a point of reference. Giving confidence that the global system will be reformed in a joint action basis with a solid political will to negotiate and collaborate.

President Donald Trump: we need you for America…and the world not as a secessionist but a responsible-global- visionary-catalyzer leader for a uncertain and vulnerable world.

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