Politics: when the rain is so heavy that doesn´t allow to see the sky….


Shortsighted vision in politics

A “rain” of multiple crises and at all levels hit the planet and a missing visionary leadership is the key element that is not allowing to see that “sky” of changes that the world is urgently needed. The “politics bubble” continues to be a no resilient tool that is not able to deliver a framework of guarantees that assure a world responsive to current challenges.

This is the main reason for moving towards a new leadership, the capacity of innovate and adapt to crises instead of close positions and dig in against other parties or sectors. Particularly political leaders are showing their incapacity to adapt to these new challenges because they´re applying the same rules and policies than in the past. There is clearly a shortsighted view from leaders that is leading the world into the worst crisis: lack of vision. There is no vision for the future because there are not leaders with holistic approaches. Even those leaders that holds a global vision are not allow to work under holistic approaches.

Political leadership dominates the stage showing their weakness for giving changes and the strength to keep their status quo without undermining citizen´s engagement and accountability about their acts. A truly vicious circle in which political leaders are not really chosen by their citizens but by private interests that enters in contradiction to a higher public interest. The profile of leaders elected is persuasive towards the citizenship but at the same time are manipulating by others including their own political party. When the quantity of votes is more important than the public interest and there are no leaders to struggle against it, is it when the system collapses.

A culture of confrontation leads the political road. Keeping the interest in an entertainment show seems to be more profitable that the own in-depth debate for entering into a path of reconciliation and change. There are codes of political behaviour that do not allow searching for common points with a different ideological party. In crises times there is not just about negotiation but also of joint action. Seeing beyond is the only key that could open new doors of change and new ideological approaches. We´re currently seeing this situation in U.S. elections in which parties search to win through constant mutual aggression, feeding ignorance and capture attention by an incidental debate that do not contribute to build a renewed country inserted in a new challenging global world. Politics is an endless game with no will for a joint action. In a constant confrontation based on Machiavelli motto:”divide and rule” has become a real obstacle for the achievement of changes.

In addition, a global institutional crisis is not helping to influence politics effectively, although is it on leadership crisis that I see most of the reasons that are leading the world to this shortsighted vision for addressing crises. Is a fact that when leaders are innovative and with a strong will and initiative to join forces and look beyond – we could see it in local leaders of developing countries with very short resources- is it when it could make a real revolution that impacts the political class.

One of the axes of this stagnation in rules of the game from the political class is that the economic-financial world is moving by political values that have shown the total ineffectiveness of their procedures and their certainly negative or no results at all. Change political values to social values constitutes a process that only through join action of leaders could come about. If not there is a constant repetition of isolationist messages that creates more confrontation and block the possibility for structural changes. A fact easy to see it either at global and local level (Brexit, Islamophobia measures in France, Catalonia separatist movements in Spain, etc)

We need to shift from an strictly political view to a results-driven approach removing the two biggest enemies that are not allowing to see the sky of changes that current crises world is demanding:  lack of vision and a weak leadership. 

When the rain is heavy we need to see the sky with more visibility than ever, challenging a cloudy vision….

*Sculpture”Rain”, Bilyk Nazar  


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