The endless political game: populism and show


Like this “Infinity” tunnel, politics has become a TV show fueling by populist messages made by leaders “well-trained” to give unethical proposals enough strong that play with the ignorance and innocence of the people.

Despite the absurdity that the political action may be considered a “game” is it clear that marketing and a decadent political class have created of politics a real TV show and social networks entertainment. A show put on stage to serve interests different from the public interest and unable to face the challenge of current crises. Indeed, results like Brexit or the rise of leaders like Marine Le Pen or Donald Trump shows that more and more “politics industry” fail because of a weak political class with strong media powers.

Media has always been an important element to increase or decrease popularity. Slowly personal talent and skills give way to the best presence in TV or a good populist message that through scandals and fear develop a campaign based mostly on lies and inconsistent proposals. A strategy that in the past supposes the failure of a candidate now is the tool for success.

Let´s go back to the concept of what means politics and politicians; in a democratic system it means the representation of the citizens under a certain political ideology. The correlation among people´s will and representatives must be 100%. Currently there is not and the more show is put on stage the less influence of the citizens, that despite social networks are not able to keep the balance and are loosing their power of decision.

The coherency of proposals, the transversal pillar that gives sense to the entire political machinery is the unification around a political ideology. This is precisely the contrary of what a party with populist messages does it. The opportunity of using one message instead of another with an ideological element is that the latest means commitment and in many cases lead to unpopularity.

Globalisation is a model that has brought the magnificent opportunity to build universal criteria’s of doing politics and be judged by the rest of the world equally, however when is not use it in its positive potential it easily brings the repetition of an unethical political behaviour. Countries like USA that is a model of living become also a model to imitate in the negative aspects of using politics as another entertainment channel.

Donald Trump´s campaign has been transformed into a constant bombing of populist messages without content and future perspective. Trump doesn’t represent the Republican Party values and is not responding to an ideological pillar of any kind more than an uncontrolled extremist far right agenda without focus and tangible results. It represents a threat not only for their country but also because of the impact that creates in the rest of the world in his personal and aggressive manner towards foreign leaders.

In Donald Trump we could see a leadership based on entertainment, hence with no accountability and no ethical responsibility for their proposals. An “anarchic agenda” with a strong and determinate military agenda for foreign affairs, harder than ever, in addition to an erratic roadmap agenda for U.S. economy.

 Populism and show: the new way of doing politics that is driving the world in an unreliable stage of uncertainty and institutional crisis. Helpful for those who have biased interests in a hidden political agenda through a show that keeps masses distract with empty debates and no academic support. That is the reason why under this political stage, individual freedom and guarantees are in danger. Is worst than corruption, is the collapse of the system and the feeling that accountability is not part of the game. In fact, plagiarism and lies are being the guideline for Trump´s campaign without taking any kind of responsibility. Just to give some examples: 1.-Melania Trump´s copy of Michelle Obama´s speech. 2. The affirmation from Trump that there were a transfer of $400 millions to Iran. 3. Denial of the existence of climate change after agreement at COP21. 4.-Proposal to arm with nuclear weapons countries like Japan or South Korea against North Korea. 5.-The threat of an invasion to Iran because of being in possession of nuclear weapons. And many others examples that show the inconsistent of his proposals but the safety of what Trump assures: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn´t lose voters” January 23th, 2016

Show and populist messages: a crazy recipe to go trough a political campaign that is driving the world into masses of ignorance and indifference from the real actors on the stage: the citizens. Having as a direct consequence the loss of the leadership that is needed to face current challenges and make a world resilient for future crises.


*Infinity. installation from the Dutchville exhibition at the Netherlands





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