After Brexit: a new leadership beyond imagination

Facing challenges beyond imagination. like a pink forest

 Like a “pink forest”, a fantasy stage need to be imagined for building a new Britain based on new codes by solving current division and uncertainty that this unwise decision has created among their citizens.

Recent resignation of Nigel Farage shows that the lack of leadership and vision has its consequences and their own political party display mechanisms of accountability and call for responsibility.

A new chapter in history has just been opened, uncertainty is everywhere and the fear that accompanied British voters is it now the general feeling of the entire population and the rest of the world. Financial markets and the European Union has recorded its impact by putting pressure to get rid as soon as possible of this “uncomfortable member” in its process of abandoning the community.

UK enter into a “pink forest” that means a new dimension in which innovation should be the leading line of thought, however there is no solid strategy for the future and a renovated leadership do not seems to be there to support this uncertain framework. Indeed Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson leaders in the Leave campaign supported their position by a constant message of economic-financial benefits immediately after being out of the European Union or assigning responsibility to financial crisis, global crisis, migration or terrorism. Is it now that the reality shows them the need to be clear, consistent and with a solid and determinate leadership that could lead UK to a different path from this isolated destiny full of shadows and doubts created by their own promoters. However, instead of taking responsibility there are insisting on their inconsistent message without giving alternatives. Is it clear that those leaders were searching for a good opportunity for having more political presence without a proper justification of how there are supporting a far-right political agenda and how there will protect better and more British citizens from financial crisis, migration or terrorism.

Failing to give answers and admitting their mistakes they build a campaign based on inconsistent promises, creating an imaginary stage full of fear and prejudice. Now they need another fantasy stage to see a successful way out: another “pink forest” that could place with realities their own fantasies.

A strong leadership is missing for building new strategies and lead Britain to a new path of certainty and prosperity in which division with Scotland and the discontent of the 47% of British voters lead the way of the new normal. In addition, the commercial-financial impact created it by the political tension with other European countries and the rest of the world.

Britain needs to rethink the profile or their leaders from analysis and reflection within their political parties and from the real needs of their citizenship. Being able to differentiate what means facing challenges and real concerns of British population and the defense of a far-right political agenda that do not represent almost half of its citizenship.

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