In a world in crisis “plugging” all together for getting solutions

Stephen-Shaheen-5Extremist groups from different parts of the world are making the defense of national sovereignty their leading political message. They take the opportunity of current multiple global crises like financial or migration as a threat for national stability giving the isolationism as the big solution for all diseases. By no doubts a hidden agenda to promote anti-global policies. However, neither a globalization model nor global crises are the real burden for building resilient roots. Current crises are the product of bad management, corruption, weak institutions and a no reliable political class. Assigned responsibility to a global model is not only incorrect but also tendentious as it tries to make think that anti-global policies are the solution. Brexit is the most evident example of this focus that is leading part of the world into a manipulated reality. However, it´s just an opportunistic message and in the eventuality of an exit, Britain will continue under global rules and EU agreements are just part of an entire system based in world agreements within the framework of international institutions like United Nations, WTO, ILO, etc. Commitments will not ceased just for establish a political isolationist focus. This is the big lie that irresponsible groups are taken to defend anti global policies that are not achievable in practical terms, and in the short and medium term.

Isolationism will not give solutions to current crisis and even under the eventuality that a globalization model could play a negative role in its solution, were are already IN. Behaving as if an international interconnection doesn’t exist means going back to the beginning of last century which is not reasonable and by sure, not possible.

The idea that a return to the past, making bilateral agreements will bring prosperity is absolutely out of context and will not bring solutions in the short and medium term.

The political dominant map seems to “plug” to isolationism. Indeed, this extreme nationalism is proposing to be disconnected from the rest of the world. An anti-global focus is the leading idea that is behind these initiatives. In reality, there are just proposals without a results-based approach. The misleading idea that these positions are leaving is that is possible to resolve local problems without a global focus, or what is worse, that with an isolationist focus is possible to resolve a global crisis.

Globalization does not represent the enemy but the solution to resolve local and international crisis with a new model, reshaping institutional weak structures and build a network of leaders, institutions and governments; exercising reforms from a global perspective, under a global structure and with global solutions.

Plugging all together those isolated elements in harmony, one by one, will assemble this “puzzle” of uncertainty and ineffectiveness.

*“Headlights” Stephen Shaheen

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