Technology for boosting good governance?



4th-Industrial-Revolution-150x150Estonia is the model of the most technologically advanced country, with a revolutionary system that has turned to a technological era within the bureaucracy apparatus: voting, signing documents, filling out tax returns, business, get licenses, permits and other documents are done online by the system named X-Road. This systems allows to avoid procedures that would take days, weeks or even months in other countries[1].

Now, which is the importance of creating public structures around the concept of tech innovation on the framework of a 4th Industrial Revolution?

Technology advances in public management represents more than a faster system of voting, signing or getting licenses, it supposes a whole prevention on corruption. Indeed, when the citizenship has a direct and fluid electronic relationship with the government the power of accountability gives a shift to the traditional codes of behavior and “clean” the system automatically. Is it so, that a “good accountability” means a more effectiveness  and contributes to a system based on good governance. Therefore preventing corruption by printing with transparency and control. Not surprisingly countries with high levels of corruption have less technological advances as a way to make sure that the relationship with the citizenship is built under establishment rules and not citizenship rules.

The main tool to get to a system of good governance is the active involvement of the citizenship, creating enough mechanisms that assures a transparent interaction that in addition, helps in the process to get to more efficiency and shrink the State.

4th industrial revolution within the public sector represents the real revolution on anti-corruption and a boost for transparency and accountability. Having the supremacy of the citizenship as the main guideline that in conjunction with other mechanisms may transform the State into a fluid and flexible structure.

A great contribution that means a political class aware of their need to propose candidates fully submitted to the screening of the population, e.g. by the absolute transparency over their patrimony. Preventing corruption and building a political class based 100% on transparency.

Good governance becomes paramount not just for national affairs but also to international matters as we live in the framework of a global model. Transparency is with not doubt a condition for healthy and strong international relations and also a way to build economic-financial relations from an integrationist strategy.

 We live in a technological era and the insertion into a renovated public system should be an imperative on the road for building resilient societies. The opportunity that 4th Industrial Revolution gives need to be taken to reform the traditional State´s structures and put it at the service of the population. Good governance is also a matter of a revolutionary technology. 




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