An explosion of crises must be also an explosion of changes


This turmoil of violent attacks, a declared war against ISIS, global financial crisis with a not consolidated recovery after 8 years, an overwhelming flow of migrants and an unpredictable environment makes the world and particularly the European Union weak and vulnerable in almost all fronts. In addition, instead of a joint action we face extremist positions from political parties that take this regrettable opportunity to gain votes by giving responsibility of their shortsighted decisions to the integration into a common market.

The so-calledPanama papers” shows that rather than integration problems the European Union has politicians like Marine Le Pen that are focusing their pretended nationalism towards external private interests. Much different from a “defense of national sovereignty”. This double game of radical nationalism towards the Union but radical defense of private interests is what is making the EU confused about where rely their real interests. A diverted political focus and private interests is what is leading this uncertain road of multiple crises reinforcing with process like Grexit or Brexit.

New cultural values under the symbol of a European spiral[1] is translated in new codes and a new political class that joint efforts towards a resilient community. Exactly the contrary of what extremist groups are trying to sustain by defending isolation and an anti-global focus as the panacea to face current crises.

Is it clear that the first aspect to take in account is cultural change in which citizens could build a common front against ineffectiveness of political decisions. A large and proven mistaken financial strategies based around austerity are just one the many examples that are contributing to fuel the idea of a “failed European system”.

Greece has been just one example of the power of building spiral of indebtedness without the correct follow up and without alternative plans in case of breach. In addition, European members must be around values of good governance and institutional commitment that assures minimum guarantees that general principles are being fulfilled. So, when institutions and leaders fail doesn´t mean that the project in itself is negative, it is just a challenge that need to be addressed by new approaches and a refreshed political class.

Is fundamental to change values in politics at individual and institutional level, as there are the main agents for this ongoing process of failures, lack of transparency and accountability. Having the financial strategic focus as the main example of this corrosive political horizon that is putting in risk the own foundations of the Union even if it´s just a financial aspect.

 In the end we need to be rational and practical of what means be resilient in a world of crises, that is joint action and reinforcement of current platforms at all levels, -as well as create new ones-. The goal is to add together and isolationism supposes subtract strength and looses opportunity to walk towards common goals under common interests.

A revolutionary spiral of European intercultural values and wise political decisions should accompany an explosion of global changes with politicians and political parties committed with Europe´s and global interests.


*Suspended Bouncy Ball | Nike Savvas

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