Political. Global. Vision: just one

UnknownYes, unlike most of the subjects that we´ve analysed, this is the one that leads and helps keep the focus among the others. Indeed, migration, financial crisis, corruption, leadership, ethics, etc., are all global issues that should gather the opinions and perspectives from different actors and cultures and go through an eclectic and difficult process of resolution of conflicts. Globalization in itself means multiple views and capacity to integrate all different opinions in a democratic exercise on diversity tolerance.

On the contrary, a political global vision must be focused on a unique direction in coherence with a solid institutional structure in order to print with wisdom and focus a common goal of building resilience.

There are substantial differences with a political national vision, which has an “unhelpful link” with political ideology and particular interests of each political party. Their success depends on the leadership and transparency and their capacity to conciliate with others actors. Instead, a political global vision has no chances to be diverse, but to be unique and gather opinions, positions, ideologies and values in just one strategic goal. It is in that sense that ideologies become a minor factor hence, there are in an above position.

To be global means the reshaping of national sovereignties through a common global goal different from national goals but reassuring their guarantees and maximizing their capacities.

 In current times the struggle for the supremacy of national sovereignties supposes an anti system political attitude that results in a “go back” in history. In the end, to be anti global supposes a loss in integration that undermines the capacity of building resilience for future crises, living the country in a extreme geopolitical vulnerability, also culturally.

All current attempts from extremist positions to “go back” in time to a supremacy of national sovereignty supposes an anti global focus that goes not just against a global world but own national interests. Indeed, economic, financial or economic national policies that do not respond to a global focus face the danger of being isolated and losing capacity for a fast response in times of crises.

In addition, the interconnection and complexity of those crises push countries to be enough versatile enough to adapt a national strategy around common interests and one political global vision.

Compatibility to global standards is a condition sine qua none for achieving global and successful links. If we add the immediateness of a 4th Industrial revolution we will see the importance of reshaping national political vision and adapted to a global perspective. The change of values and cultures that artificial intelligence will bring makes countries more demanded in their goal of being integrated. The “standardization” that technology brings forces countries to be updated faster to be in a better position of competition with the rest of the world, narrowing the differences among developed and developing countries. Technology is the point in common that will give more union and will make the first fundamental step that is to be “mentally global”. That is the real challenge and of course…. the real Revolution!

 This is the real essence that leads a global world with multiple crises: a one and unique political vision that serves the more diverse interests in a joint action towards a goal of global resilience.

One focus, one vision, for just one global world.


Sculpture, Tony Tasset eye Chicago (USA)

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