Left- wing & right- wing: convergences

Turning point (1) Climate change, violation of human rights, immigration crisis and the devastating impact of global financial crisis are making committed leaders raise their voice for a strong structural change. On one side, to re-establish equilibrium and on the other, build resilience for the future to our vulnerable societies.

Pope Francis´s Encyclical, Greece´s referendum or anti-austerity measures’ positions are just some examples of a political will to change the current ineffective system. Surprisingly, this has raised strong criticisms about a hidden left-wing position. I´d like to place the debate in more accurate academic ideological terms.

 The globalization phenomenon has brought also global negative impacts that need to be resolved accordingly: globally. That is the reason why raising awareness from conscious and committed global leaders with a global impact on their actions, is key for successful joint efforts that lead to a real influence on decision makers and individuals. Indeed, leaders are not the only answer to fix this chaos; also individual voices need to address conflicts by raising their voice in a clear and determinate exercise of democracy. It is here that leadership is important, at individual and social level. Relying only on political leaders is a big mistake and a waste of others forces of mobilization and influence.

The Greek referendum heavily criticised by European institutions, even after their own notorious failure in addressing this catastrophic financial situation represents just one example of the mounting resistance that some leaders are putting forward, to “go back” to the roots of their mandate and be accountable to the recipients of their policies. There is a clear breakdown on democratic principles and needs to be addressed by giving individuals their original legitimate role and natural relevance. It is paramount to have the opportunity to raise their voice in all the process that political representatives are dealing with. This exercise brings coherence and stability to the political process by taking responsibility for their vote and relief for the politicians who seek legitimacy when making decisions.

However, current public opinion sees these two revolutionary initiatives from Pope Francis and Greek political leaders as an act to promote left-wing proposals. This is an academic ideological mistake and those initiatives that reinforce the idea of a democratic system, do not have any political ideology behind and in case it could be associated with one, is it just on the implementation and not on the nature of the proposal itself.

Detract the intention of those initiatives that defend minimum standards of democracy by introducing an ideological political element is a thoughtless attack.

The world is living an emergency situation on finances, culture and economics; hence on ethics. For that reason joint global efforts beyond an ideological perspective should be the strategy.

In times of crisis, many leaders fail to manage it adequately, and commit acts of demagogy that tends to justify their misleading leadership.

Greece´s referendum and the Pope´s Encyclical are a “prayer in this desert” of lack of accountability and global vision that are leading the world towards a path of unsustainability. Trying to fight back by accusing them of holding left-wing ideology is an attack on the own roots of a democratic system and well-being of the global population; and slows the path for a real boost of an open and global system.

Left-wing, right-wing are ideologically different but should not be ethically different on their political intention of building resilience on the path for growing, moving towards strong societies in which financial, economic and climate change´s vulnerabilities are controlled and foreseeable.

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