America deserve to be built in colors


American society has been historically the paradigm of freedom and multicultural people around the world. Currently is facing the critical time of what it seems a turn back on time that make us remember Ku Klux Klan´s extremism and it´s implications. But we must leave in the present focusing only in the future, and go back to the past just to review lessons learned. The remove of the Confederate flag is just another of many examples of American will of moving forward from history and walking to the future with a solid and reassuring attitude.

 Taking responsibility of a global world means also accept consequences of free movement of capital but also of people. The benefits of a global world are not just for financial interests but also for individual interests that should be the main goal of any economic initiative: boost individual freedom.

 A multicultural society means a society in colors not this black and white society that seems to push America to a dark fate of isolation and regret of the evolution that have experimented in the last decades.

Is really this what America deserves? Is really population´s will to break with principles of freedom and openness? Or is just a vile manipulation to get benefits to political parties, leading voters through rage and fear?

11th of September has brought that feelings, a painful fear that leads to more violence and search for revenge. Working on this kind of sentiment would eventually be good to win an election: the euphoria that an exacerbated nationalism creates, but is not really what American population needs. Is not really in coherency of what America has built and struggle through decades.

I believe in a democracy, and in a system based in freedom in which there is no room for fear not either political leaders that generate fear and create “ghosts”.

Creating disunion is just another dark strategy on a political campaign that hides the real reason: lack of argumentation and content. When there are strong and solid proposals with vision and empathy with the citizenship´s needs, it naturally creates a shadow in the opponent with no much efforts more than a sustained and consistent work.

Dictatorship has been historically “machines” of raising fear, a powerful weapon against free will and freethinking. In a democracy the only threat that we should fear is to ignorance. Education is the only way out that prevents societies from manipulation from irresponsible and unethical ways of doing politics. The need for an ethical and fair political system is not just good for America´s political “health” but for the rest of the world that looks at them as a corporate, social and economic referent.

 Only looking beyond is that a country could move forward in a bigger, stronger and wiser goal, learning from past lessons, but never, never going back.

American voter….We want you! For a responsible vote built on confidence and hope for the future, develop on what is already achieved: a multicultural and democratic society.

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